The next step for Progress

Richard Angell  |  23 June 2017

We are adopting a new funding model for Progress – and we need your help, writes Richard Angell After 21 years of generous support, I know you will want to join me as we thank Lord Sainsbury for his generous and ongoing support for Progress and our centre-left politics, as he prepares to step back …

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It’s time to be Progress and proud

Tom Jennings  |  14 November 2016

After the events of this summer, being a Progressive can feel a lonely place. Seeing long standing friends from across our movement post photos of their shredded membership cards has been heart breaking. This is not only because people who have contributed so much to the party feel they are no longer welcome, but also …

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Asset-stripping Labour

Richard Angell  |  31 August 2016

Momentum is a party waiting to leave a party —The results of the National Executive Committee elections were disappointing. A clean sweep for the Momentum-backed slate will not be good for plurality, nor party democracy. But we should be proud of the six people Progress and Labour First supported. Ellie Reeves and Johanna Baxter doubled their votes and …

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‘No one can sit on their laurels’

Sally Gimson  |  30 October 2015

Alison McGovern takes on her latest challenge as chair of Progress —Alison McGovern is a tough cookie. At the age of only 29 she won the seat of Wirral South when everyone said she couldn’t. Five years later – having turned a 531 majority into a strong four-figure lead in a year when Labour was losing seats – she is …

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How the left can be pro-business

Mathewe Bennett  |  12 October 2015

Frustrated Labour moderates are always heard proclaiming the need to deliver a ‘pro-business’ message before the next election, in order to capture those middle-ground votes and 10 per cent swing. While probably true, it does raise an important issue – how can we balance the interests of private enterprise with progressive politics? It is a …

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Keep asking till you get the ‘right answer’

Richard Angell  |  2 October 2015

We need to talk to about what happened with Trident this week at Labour party conference. Before we do, it is worth remembering the reccurring horror show that this debate has long been for Labour. The last time Labour was in the wilderness, its unilateral disarmament stance was cited regularly by voters as a reason …

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The cost of being a candidate

Jon Wheale  |  17 September 2015

I have been asked to write a few words about the cost of being a prospective parliamentary candidate. Where to begin? The first thing to say is that I remain convinced that being selected as the PPC for my party and for my home town was an enormous privilege – a life event which I …

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Changing the party to change the result in 5 years’ time

Progress  |  16 July 2015

This week the Progress strategy board has endorsed an all-women team to meet Labour’s electoral challenges to come. Elected by the membership of Progress – Labour’s new mainstream, the board members decided to support Liz Kendall for Labour leader and Tessa Jowell for mayor of London. With former Progress vice-chair Andy Burnham, former patron Yvette …

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Britain succeeds when working families succeed

Lucy Powell MP  |  31 March 2015

This will be one of the closest elections in a generation; vitally important for the future of our country. At this election the public will face a choice between the Tories’ failing plan and Labour’s plan for working people. At the heart of this campaign is Labour’s belief that Britain succeeds when working families succeed. …

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Five years of Progress

Richard Angell  |  30 March 2015

Looking back over a parliament of working for a Labour majority as Labour’s new mainstream 2010 ORGANISING TO WIN The first Progress pamphlet of the parliament examined seats that performed against the odds in the last general election. Organising to Win looked at what lay behind Labour holds in Bassetlaw, Birmingham Edgbaston, Dagenham and Rainham, …

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