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No nostalgia

Claire McCarthy  |  2 October 2017

The Co-operative party’s centenary is an opportunity to express a mutual alternative to Britain’s perennial work and social care problems, writes Claire McCarthy When any organisation marks a significant milestone, like a centenary, the temptation is to spend a lot of time in nostalgia mode. The Co-operative party is not immune to this as we approach the anniversary of our founding 100 years ago this October. At its …

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A ‘voluntary’ overtime crisis

Tom Levitt  |  25 July 2017

Far from being overpaid, public sector employees are showing their commitment to their cause, voluntarily, to a level which borders on exploitation, writes Tom Levitt When Sally Plummer stayed on after the end of her shift to aid a patient suffering a cardiac arrest she thought little of it, knowing that this was the normal …

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G4S and the Shambolympics

Keith White  |  20 July 2012

Watching the media leap on the failing carcass of G4S’s contract to provide security to the Olympics will probably, for many, have felt like watching the brilliant BBC comedy Twenty Twelve expecting at any moment to see Hugh Bonneville appear and say in an understated way ‘so that’s all good then’. However the commentary – …

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Tories and public service reform

David Pinto-Duschinsky  |  18 June 2012

The Tories are radically altering the public service landscape. Labour will need to rethink its approach to how it delivers better public services in this new world. Since entering office less than two years ago, the Conservatives have initiated significant reforms of each of the main public services. From GP commissioning to free schools and …

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The truth about the Treasury

Alison McGovern MP  |  21 May 2012

It’s a truism to say that the problems in the eurozone are complex.  But we can all accept that in a single currency area it is dangerous to have one part of the economy roaring off successfully, while another part struggles weakly.  Germany’s strength pushes the euro to a level that undermines economic growth and …

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The new politics of self-employment

Frank Field MP  |  24 April 2012

Hamish McRae, the Independent’s economic guru, has a particular gift of spotting trends well before his peers. Some weeks ago he looked at the numbers in self-employment and returned to this theme last week. The current rise in the self employed began in 2000, ie. while we were still basking in the warm glow of …

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Third sector’s new centre-ground

Tom Levitt  |  9 February 2012

Bill Clinton recently wrote a piece in the Financial Times entitled ‘Charity needs capitalism to solve the world’s problems’; do I dimly remember Marx saying something similar about how socialism needed capitalism in order to work, too? The point the former president was making is that we have witnessed what untempered capitalism can do – …

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Labour’s not just for public sector workers

Luke Akehurst  |  19 January 2012

I would die in a proverbial ditch to defend the link between Labour and the trade unions. It’s one of the reasons for my decision to back Ed Miliband rather than David in the leadership election – I was concerned that David might undermine the link. I’m old enough to have joined Labour at the …

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Building responsible capitalism

Tom Levitt  |  3 January 2012

While Ed Miliband’s new year message does not specifically mention aspirations for the third sector, two priorities stand out: the call for Labour to ‘become a genuine community force’, and ‘an economy which works for all’. The first is obvious. The involvement of Labour activists in community and voluntary organisations and campaigns, fulfilling our historic …

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Really backing small business

Philip Ross  |  13 October 2011

The party conferences showed that small business is on the agenda again for both parties and is big news. Make no mistake, it will be on the agenda all the way through this parliament. The Tories will try to paint themselves as the friend of enterprise and Labour as in hock to unions and the …

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