Purple Book

Out of the wilderness

Chris Carter  |  25 August 2017

Moderates must develop the ideas, policies and sense of mission to extend Labour’s coalition beyond the university-educated and those that work in the public sector, writes Chris Carter ‘We need to reconnect with our working-class roots’, ‘we need not be afraid of the word “socialist” anymore’ were the cries that rang out across Newport working men’s …

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Ed watched Dallas but to win our next leader must be a Trekkie

Gareth Horrocks  |  11 August 2015

In Star Trek, the Kobayashi Maru is a simulation to train wannabe captains at the Starfleet Academy. The goal of the exercise is to rescue the Kobayashi Maru, a disabled civilian vessel, which is under attack from the Klingons. The Kobayashi Maru is a no-win scenario. If the wannabe captain attempts a rescue, the Klingons …

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Beware the chimera of ‘unity’

Editorial  |  8 June 2015

The next Labour leader should see it as their duty to create the space to encourage real debate It used to be said of the American Democrats that, in the aftermath of their repeated electoral drubbings in the 1980s, the party’s response was to form a circular firing squad. This is a trait that Labour …

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Five years of Progress

Richard Angell  |  30 March 2015

Looking back over a parliament of working for a Labour majority as Labour’s new mainstream 2010 ORGANISING TO WIN The first Progress pamphlet of the parliament examined seats that performed against the odds in the last general election. Organising to Win looked at what lay behind Labour holds in Bassetlaw, Birmingham Edgbaston, Dagenham and Rainham, …

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Three principles for governing from the centre-left

Patrick Diamond  |  8 July 2014

This week’s report by the Local Government Innovation Taskforce, People-Powered Public Services, marks another important stage in Labour’s policy review. The report sets out in detail how a future Labour administration should go about the task of decentralising greater power to local neighbourhoods and communities, improving outcomes for the public while strengthening trust in government. …

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Power surge

Adam Harrison  |  4 March 2014

It could be the week that marked the beginning of the end for ‘Labour’s institutional statism’ as Ben Lucas of the RSA suggests on page 9, following keynote interventions last month by Ed Miliband and by Jon Cruddas, the latter addressing the New Local Government Network. The shift to decentralisation has been foreshadowed in centre-left …

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Breaking the silence

Robert Philpot  |  7 February 2014

Since its defeat in 2010, public service reform has been the black hole in Labour’s internal debate. Next week, at last, we can expect some colour, with Ed Miliband’s first major speech on the subject, Jon Cruddas entering the fray, and Liz Kendall launching the IPPR’s report on the ‘relational state’. Over the past three …

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Earning, belonging and owning

Phil Wilson MP  |  24 July 2013

Surely aspiration drives our politics? We aspire for our children to do better than we did ourselves. We aspire for our communities to do well, and we believe the best way of securing all of this is through working together because we achieve more together than we ever do alone. We should never let the …

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Rescuing social mobility

Bilal Mahmood  |  11 January 2013

Last week universities minister David Willetts said that universities and the Office for Fair Access should focus on the inclusion of white working-class boys as a target group for recruitment in university access agreements, which universities have to sign to gain permission to charge higher fees. In other words, as a result of the government’s …

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What would Labour do?

Andrew Harrop  |  20 November 2012

With the autumn statement looming and the prospects for the public finances looking ever worse, Labour can’t duck the question for much longer: what would you do? Progress’ recent collection, The Purple Papers, began to sketch out some answers and today the Fabian Society is picking up the baton by launching a new Commission on …

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