Future Proof: Britain in the 2020s

Mathew Lawrence  |  5 January 2017

Progressives must be the architects of a better future, writes Mathew Lawrence Given the year just gone, to say the centre-left is in crisis is a truism bordering on a banality. What is now required from progressives is less handwringing and premature autopsies on their fate, and more effort to get to grips with the …

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The poor still bear the brunt of government cuts

Stephen Houghton  |  9 March 2015

Did you ever see the comedy show Little Britain and the famous sketch ‘the computer says no?’ No matter how many questions someone asks the receptionist they always get the same answer. It is a funny sketch. And the government’s approach to austerity has taken the same path. No matter how much evidence is produced …

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Labour must renew the pledge to end child poverty

Andrew Harrop  |  25 February 2015

1999 is in the headlines today, with news that the stock market has finally surpassed its dot-com peak. But a new Fabian Society report looks back to another key moment in 1999: Tony Blair’s historic pledge to end child poverty within 20 years. Action on child poverty was a top priority in the 11 years …

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Good Times – Bad Times: The Welfare Myth of Them and Us

Sheila Gilmore  |  12 November 2014

The next Labour government needs to make sure that the costs of reducing the deficit are spread more fairly. We also need to forward a plan for the additional cost of our ageing population. But how do we win support for this if people see welfare spending as for ‘them’ not ‘us’? John Hills’ book …

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Redistributing power must be our priority

Jacqui Smith  |  23 June 2014

On a recent long car journey, my husband and I were passing the time with the sort of idle political questions which fill long hours – who’s the best ever Labour leader (easy); who’ll be the next Tory leader (more tricky!). Finally I posed the question – ‘if you had to choose between redistributing wealth …

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Taxing land

David Green  |  6 January 2011

During the leadership election Andy Burnham advocated a tax on land value to help cut the deficit without hitting the hard working majority. This is a welcome development, both of policy and of thinking; but going further, and linking such a tax directly to mass redistribution, could change social democracy for good.

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