Refounding Labour

Preparing for power

Mark Ferguson  |  27 March 2015

The Labour party in government will urgently need to cultivate the seeds of movement politics it sowed in opposition, writes Mark Ferguson The Labour party is not a staid, safe and secure party ensconced in Westminster. It is not enshrined in a single man or woman. It is not hidden away behind bricks and mortar. …

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Time for NEC reform to strengthen members’ and councillors’ voices

Richard Angell  |  4 March 2014

The events of last weekend were historic and unifying. The changes will be meaningful and, let us hope, lasting. Giving 2.7 million trade unionists the chance to step closer to the party their forebears helped create is no small thing. And asking the nine million people who stayed loyal in 2010 when the party got …

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Remaking Labour

Anthony Painter  |  4 September 2013

There are two futures for political parties. Only one will save Labour After the last election, Labour was a broken party. Very little thinking had been done at a senior level about models of party organisation – it is hardly stuff to set pulses racing. So a timid report, Refounding Labour, was rushed out. There …

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Time for a stand alone University of Labour

Prem Goyal  |  3 August 2012

Labour’s general secretary Iain McNicol has made clear that Labour can’t win using ‘the old playbook’. But what will replace it? An essential part of the new playbook should be the training programme Labour has for its members. A new training programme should build on the strengths of the current ‘Train to Win‘ programme and …

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Winning on a budget – top tips

Steve Race  |  5 July 2012

The Third Place First conference provided a great platform to talk about a whole range of topics relating to how we rebuild and win in the south of England – and, unsurprisingly, the workshop on ‘winning on limited resources’ was very popular! After a valuable overview from Jude Robinson of her campaign to win in …

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NEC report May 2012

Luke Akehurst  |  1 June 2012

The full National Executive Committee met on 29 May. It was a long meeting (four hours) with a lot of serious deliberation but no fireworks. Chair Michael Cashman welcomed Sadiq Khan who has replaced Peter Hain as a shadow ministerial representative on the NEC following Peter’s retirement from the frontbench. He announced that Tom Watson …

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A defeat for Livingstone, not Labour

Editorial  |  6 May 2012

Ken Livingstone’s defeat in the London mayoral election on Thursday was both shocking and unsurprising. Shocking because, despite the presence of a large number of marginal seats, London remains a ‘Labour city’ as the party’s strong performance in the London assembly elections, and the narrowness of Livingstone’s eventual loss, demonstrated. Shocking, too, because, in Boris …

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Grappling with Tory strategy

Luke Akehurst  |  8 March 2012

I’m not sure why there is a habit in the Tory party of broadcasting their election strategies. Perhaps it is disinformation designed to spook us. But it usually seems reasonable stuff so we shouldn’t ignore it either as intelligence on their likely moves or to ‘reverse engineer’ their lessons and apply them ourselves. Usually it’s …

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The need to be welcoming

Melanie Haslam  |  24 February 2012

To the chair of, and all delegates to, Greenwich and Woolwich GC, Tonight I attended your GC for the first time. I have been a member of the Labour Party for six years and have been a member of six different CLPs. In that time, I have never experienced such an unwelcoming meeting as I …

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Outside edge

Adam Harrison and Richard Angell  |  25 January 2012

A straight-talking Peter Hain accuses the political class of cowardice on party funding and suggests Tony Blair could have won in 2010. By Adam Harrison and Richard Angell Scattered throughout the pages of Peter Hain’s new autobiography is the constant refrain of the Nairobi-born MP as an outsider who occasionally steals his way into the …

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