The Last Word: Solidarity with Barcelona

Richard Angell  |  18 August 2017

The Barcelona attack, Republican shame, smearing centrists, and the Campaign Against Living Miserably – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word Today we woke up to yet more carnage from Daesh-inspired terrorism in the Catalan area of Spain. Our thoughts and solidarity goes out to the Catalan people, those from many nationalities who are …

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The bumper sticker president

Elaine C Kamarck  |  5 December 2016

What does a Trump victory mean for progressive politics in the US, asks Elaine C Kamarck The extraordinary 2016 presidential campaign was one of the ugliest and most divisive in recent US history. But it is not the only reason this election will be remembered for a long time. The winner, president-elect Donald Trump, is the …

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‘We were all wrong’

Charlie Samuda  |  9 November 2016

Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States. The unthinkable became the inevitable just after 3am Eastern Time when Hillary Clinton conceded defeat. Like many, I began the night thinking there was little chance that we would ever reach this point, believing instead that demographic data and superior Democratic organisation would be …

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Letter From … New Hampshire

Charlie Samuda  |  7 November 2016

To get a sense of just how hard it is to be a Republican in a down-ticket race this election, consider the fate of Kelly Ayotte. The junior senator from New Hampshire was first elected in 2010 and is running for a second term against the current Democratic governor, Maggie Hassan. Donald Trump’s nomination presented her with a dilemma: standing too …

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A warning from history

Robert Philpot  |  6 October 2016

The ‘paranoid style’ finds expression on both right and left of politics, writes Robert Philpot In November 1964, just a year after the assassination of John F Kennedy, a shell-shocked American public went to the polls. On the ballot paper they were presented with, perhaps, the starkest choice of the 20th century. Fresh from passing the …

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Riding the wave

Charlie Samuda  |  16 September 2016

Up till now it seemed as if Conquest’s third law of politics – that the simplest way to explain the behaviour of any organisation is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies – applied most readily to the Trump campaign. Surely only a Democratic sleeper agent buried deep inside the …

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Five Republican mistakes that Labour should learn from

Cory Hazlehurst  |  9 August 2016

The disaster facing the Republicans shows what happens when a major political party becomes dysfunctional. Donald Trump’s eccentric campaign – to say the least – is in danger of falling off a cliff. His numerous gaffes and insults now see him tanking in the polls below Hilary Clinton. None of what is happening would surprise …

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The only thing to fear …

Louie Woodall  |  22 July 2016

Be afraid. Be very afraid. That was the message Donald Trump, now officially the Republican presidential nominee, rammed home in his acceptance speech last night. It is also a message Hillary Clinton supporters should heed as they prepare for their own political jamboree next week. Trump wheeled out his greatest hits from the campaign trail …

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There are many reasons to oppose Trump – but pick one

Charlie Samuda  |  10 June 2016

Now that Bernie Sanders has all but dropped out of the race and with Barack Obama’s endorsement Clinton can turn her full attention to what at first might seem to be a simple question: What exactly is wrong with Donald Trump? It is, many of us would be tempted to conclude, obvious why Trump should …

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All shook up

Charlie Samuda  |  17 May 2016

A noted American political pundit once said that using nationwide polls as a predictor of presidential elections was like trying to measure the wealth of Warren Buffet by counting up the value of the suits in his wardrobe. Since the electoral college – a system where candidates earn points for each state weighted by population …

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