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Cartoon villain

Alison McGovern MP  |  7 December 2015

The real George Osborne has stood up —If you want to really get clarity about this year’s autumn statement, you need to know this: there is actually not one but two George Osbornes in British politics. The first is cartoon Osborne. This is he of the implacable cuts, the surgeon of the British state and …

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Memo on … social security

Paul Richards  |  18 November 2013

Welcome to the Department for Work and Pensions. Your new department spends more public money than we spend on the police, schools, hospitals, railways and international development combined. Nearly 20 per cent of government expenditure is spent on benefits, excluding pensions. If Ed Miliband’s new government is serious about predistributing wealth, not redistributing it via …

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Underpaid and female: five crucial steps

Mary Honeyball MEP  |  27 September 2013

Pay is suddenly and decisively on the radar. With almost half a million people in Britain now paid less than a living wage, in-work poverty has – thanks to Labour’s strong stance – become the problem everyone wants to solve. However, a neglected aspect of the discussion has been the impact of low pay on …

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‘Pause, listen, reflect and improve’

Angela Eagle MP  |  6 September 2013

I began Business of the House questions this week by raising the Resolution Foundation’s report which showed that one in five workers are paid less than the living wage, a rise of nearly one and a half million in three years. We now know that this government’s economic policies have meant that people are £28 …

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Just how many are on zero-hours contracts?

Claire Edwards  |  15 August 2013

In recent weeks there’s been an increasing awareness of the rise of zero-hour working contracts – where staff have no guaranteed working hours and often go from week to week unable to predict their hours or income. When, in July, I was selected as Labour’s PPC for Rugby, I was asked what my first private …

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Earning, belonging and owning

Phil Wilson MP  |  24 July 2013

Surely aspiration drives our politics? We aspire for our children to do better than we did ourselves. We aspire for our communities to do well, and we believe the best way of securing all of this is through working together because we achieve more together than we ever do alone. We should never let the …

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First Baby in Breadline Britain

David Holmes  |  18 July 2013

The big plan in the spending review to help the unemployed back to work was to stop them from claiming benefits for seven days after losing their job, and compelling claimants, including lone parents, to attend their local job centre more frequently. The reality is that the biggest barrier to employment for many is the …

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Choice for Britain

Adam Harrison  |  11 March 2013

Twenty-six months remain until the next general election, as Jon Cruddas reminded the audience at the recent launch of IPPR’s Condition of Britain project. Time to get the policy house in order, then. Three years lacking clear pitches for the doorstep may have felt  frustrating for activists but the period of reflection may be resulting …

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Rejoining the north European mainstream

Simon Deakin  |  15 February 2013

The campaign to increase the £6.19 an hour national minimum wage to a living wage of £8.55 in London and £7.45 in the UK should be supported on the grounds of both equity and efficiency. The living wage is good for families and workers, but also for firms and for the UK economy. Joint research …

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Relieving the squeeze

Kitty Ussher  |  14 February 2013

Politicians, particularly of the Labour variety, are keen to demonstrate that they understand the concept of ‘Squeezed Britain’ but have been less forthcoming as to what a correct policy response might be. But there are some clues as to where an answer could lie from the update on the matter from the Resolution Foundation. We …

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