Avoid a sectarian slugfest

Editorial  |  19 September 2017

Labour conference could be about policy, not procedure In his book, The Road to Brighton Pier, the political writer Leslie Hunter describes the atmosphere inside a Labour party languishing in opposition, and riven with factional animosity, in the months leading up to the party conference in Brighton: ‘Except on the most formal occasions there was no social …

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Labour’s last Croslandite?

Alex White  |  2 December 2014

In 1977, an article by Anthony Arblaster declared the death of Labour’s revisionist movement. He made a case which looks obvious with hindsight (and with just a hint of familiarity today). The modernisers’ agenda was being hampered, he said; by political and personal differences between the movement’s protagonists, by the Labour government’s loss of credibility, …

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No sacred cows

Gregg McClymont MP  |  25 September 2014

Labour revisionism takes on both leftwing orthodoxy and the destructive potential of capitalism, writes Gregg McClymont Each generation must overturn the conventional wisdoms of the last. In social democracy this process for more than a century has been called revisionism. Its author, the German Social Democrat politician Eduard Bernstein, observed the failure of Marxism theory …

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An app for that?

Paul Richards  |  7 October 2011

I saw my first Apple Macintosh in 1986, at the Salford University Students’ Union. It had been purchased to allow ‘desk-top publishing’ of the student newspaper. It was kept in a special room – The Mac Room – into which only a select band were allowed, as long as they brought bacon wheat crunchies and …

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Something new, something blue

Editorial  |  11 March 2011

New Labour can learn much from engaging with Jon Cruddas' ‘blue Labour' agenda as it seeks to define its alternative to the Tories' ‘big society'

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Reading ‘Revision notes’

Mark Walker  |  10 March 2011

The first meeting of the Progress reading group of Twickenham CLP took place last night, discussing the Revision Notes article by Gregg McClymont MP, published in the March magazine of Progress.

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Revision notes

Gregg McClymont MP  |  3 March 2011

The past can serve as a guide for our future, but Labour's latest bout of revisionism must engage with society as it evolves

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