Richard Angell

This House: The honour in political machinery

Richard Angell  |  1 December 2016

James Graham’s play, This House, exploring the working-class heroes in the whips’ office –  who fought the Tories and hard left to keep a Labour government in office – feels more poignant now than when it first opened in 2012. Reopening at the Garrick Theatre, Graham’s masterpiece shows the use of tactics, corralling the ‘odds …

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The director’s diary

Richard Angell  |  30 September 2016

Progress director Richard Angell shares his analysis of the latest developments at Labour party conference 2016 Friday 30 September Not what I expected Well, that was not the Labour party conference I was expecting. Maggie Cosin won a resounding victory in the election to the National Constitutional Committee – which will gain significantly more powers …

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Asset-stripping Labour

Richard Angell  |  31 August 2016

Momentum is a party waiting to leave a party —The results of the National Executive Committee elections were disappointing. A clean sweep for the Momentum-backed slate will not be good for plurality, nor party democracy. But we should be proud of the six people Progress and Labour First supported. Ellie Reeves and Johanna Baxter doubled their votes and …

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The week the mods got organised

Richard Angell  |  22 July 2016

They said it couldn’t be done, that moderate Labour supporters could never be persuaded to pay £25 for a vote in the leadership election. But this week, from a standing start, Saving Labour – and all those who fell in behind – galvanised the moderate wing of the Labour party and recruited a historic number …

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Modernisation, values into policy and policy into action

Richard Angell  |  16 May 2016

Comrades. Welcome to Progress annual conference – the highlight of the political calendar. Bold speakers from broad backgrounds. This year’s promises nothing less. We are honoured to be joined by not just one, but two leaders of the Labour party – Kezia Dugdale and this afternoon Jeremy Corbyn. For those worrying, I have not become …

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Richard Angell  |  29 October 2015

Time to put the last Labour government to bed Kitty Ussher, Jacqui Smith, Anne Begg, Stephen Twigg and Mike Gapes assess how Labour did The last Labour government was the Labour party’s greatest electoral success. It transformed our public realm and brought into being a Britain more relaxed with itself. It had a record of improvement and innovation in the public services that no other …

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Principled and proud

Richard Angell  |  29 October 2015

The achievements of the last Labour government – many chronicled here – are massive and make me proud to be in this great party. The national minimum wage will outlive that government the way the creation of the NHS, our national parks, the Open University, have outlived the Attlee and Wilson governments that created them. Some …

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One of the most pressing social policy issues of our time

Sally Keeble  |  6 October 2015

Luciana Berger’s appointment as minister for mental health with shadow cabinet rank and her commitment at the Progress meeting on dementia is the best hope yet of getting much-needed action to tackle this health timebomb. Jeremy Hughes, Alzheimer Society chief executive, joined members of parliament Angela Rayner and Karin Smyth and Camden council cabinet member …

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Labour must lead in making the positive case for Europe

Christabel Cooper  |  5 October 2015

There are many uncertainties facing Labour at the moment, but we now know that one of them will not be the party’s position on the European Union referendum. At the Labour Movement for Europe rally in Brighton, there was a sense of elated relief that Labour will definitely be campaigning to remain in the EU …

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Dementia care: How do we improve this in an age of austerity?

Jeremy Hughes  |  25 September 2015

Over the last five years we have seen cuts to public spending in an attempt to reduce the deficit. Throughout this period we have been consistently reminded of the services that the government has sought to protect, such as the ringfencing of the NHS budget. If you fall ill, the mantra goes, be safe in …

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