Richard Angell

Labour must lead in making the positive case for Europe

Christabel Cooper  |  5 October 2015

There are many uncertainties facing Labour at the moment, but we now know that one of them will not be the party’s position on the European Union referendum. At the Labour Movement for Europe rally in Brighton, there was a sense of elated relief that Labour will definitely be campaigning to remain in the EU …

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Dementia care: How do we improve this in an age of austerity?

Jeremy Hughes  |  25 September 2015

Over the last five years we have seen cuts to public spending in an attempt to reduce the deficit. Throughout this period we have been consistently reminded of the services that the government has sought to protect, such as the ringfencing of the NHS budget. If you fall ill, the mantra goes, be safe in …

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Changing the party to change the result in 5 years’ time

Progress  |  16 July 2015

This week the Progress strategy board has endorsed an all-women team to meet Labour’s electoral challenges to come. Elected by the membership of Progress – Labour’s new mainstream, the board members decided to support Liz Kendall for Labour leader and Tessa Jowell for mayor of London. With former Progress vice-chair Andy Burnham, former patron Yvette …

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Campaign for a Labour majority

Richard Angell  |  10 May 2015

When Labour loses power it does worse in the following general election. Think 1955, 1983. Even in 1974 when we returned to power after one term, we did so on a lower share of the vote than we lost with in 1970. Even when we create new political institutions, we follow suit: sadly this is …

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Nice to feel wanted

Richard Angell  |  19 September 2014

English marginals need real attention —During the course of a campaign that ran at full speed for longer than can reasonably be expected, Better Together mobilised members of both the frontbench and the backbenches of Labour’s Westminster and Holyrood teams in the effort to save the union. Both the official ‘No’ campaign and the Labour …

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Time to say goodbye

Adam Harrison  |  8 April 2013

‘She was the best thing going for them’, was how one wonk world insider described the departure of Caroline Macfarland from ResPublica after three years last month. ResPublica’s wonky reputation was established by the original ‘red Tory’ Phillip Blond, one-time theology lecturer and formerly of Demos, where he ran its ‘progressive conservatism’ project. In 2010 …

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Step forward, Labour women

Jacqui Smith  |  10 April 2012

A shortage of women candidates risks undermining the case for city mayors. I present a weekly programme on LBC 97.3 (10am-1pm on a Saturday if you fancy calling in). If you live outside London, you may only just have come across LBC. Following a lively radio debate as part of the London mayoral campaign,  Boris …

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Paying our way

Adam Harrison  |  8 February 2012

Progress was pleased this month to kick off a round of musical thinktank chairs, welcoming former transport secretary and education minister Andrew Adonis as our new chair alongside new vice-chairs Jenny Chapman MP, Julie Elliott MP, Dan Jarvis MP, Alison McGovern MP, and Toby Perkins MP. Our former chair, shadow education secretary Stephen Twigg MP, …

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The new pamphleteers

Adam Harrison  |  29 November 2011

Often we hear that being ‘ideological’ is a bad thing, but it seems some have taken this idea too far. A rumour is currently doing the rounds of a rogue subeditor working on a new pamphlet for a well-known thinktank who took it upon himself to replace the word ‘ideological’ with ‘idealogical’. This must be …

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The Purple Book: Should we leave the big state behind? (Edinburgh)

Progress  |  18 November 2011

With the launch of The Purple Book, Progress are going round the country to debate the ideas it contains. These events will give local members a chance to hear from authors of The Purple Book about their chapter and discuss the wider theme of the book, redistributing power. In particular, the event will explore, whether …

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