Richard Angell

Gaelic lessons

Richard Angell and Robert Philpot  |  17 May 2011

The limits of ‘traditional Labour' were revealed by the Scottish elections. Across Britain, the party has to show that it can understand aspiration, appeal to the middle classes, and remain rooted in the centre ground, Douglas Alexander tells Robert Philpot and Richard Angell

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Our island story

Richard Angell  |  30 April 2011

Labour's early parliamentary selections in the ‘island' seats are a chance to pioneer a new type of politics

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Dates for your diary

  |  22 April 2011

Read on and note down all the upcoming Progress events, including Progress annual conference on 21 May; Blue Labour or New Labour: does the party have to choose? on 10 May; Must Labour's road to No 10 run through middle Britain? on 25 June.

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Embracing reform

David Chaplin and Richard Angell  |  3 April 2011

As the Progress party reform survey launches, how different could Labour look and behave in the future?

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Closed shop

Richard Angell  |  15 March 2011

Labour selections are long due an overhaul, but are new proposals a step backwards?

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Party reform: your say

Progress  |  11 March 2011

Progress has long been a supporter of reform of the Labour party, and as part of the reform process we want to engage with Progress members and readers, seeking your views on how the party can evolve. To do this, please complete the special survey we have set up

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