Rupert Murdoch

Wake up, sheeple!

The Progressive  |  8 June 2016

The era of post-truth politics is now in full swing It must be exhausting. I mean, really exhausting, like running up eight flights of stairs or lifting a sofa above your head. To engage with, and believe even a fraction of, the stupefyingly stupid stuff on social media about the Labour party must be like …

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The battle against irrelevance

Gaby Hinsliff  |  3 March 2016

Labour’s travails with the media are more deadly than it thinks ‘People don’t vote for a divided party; we’ve got to learn some lessons about how we handle the media.’ So said John McDonnell during a recent LSE lecture, and frankly amen to that. Five months in, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party has formed a relationship …

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Under fire

Bruce Hawker  |  10 December 2013

When the media turned against Labor in Australia —The recent federal election in Australia saw the Murdoch press mount its most aggressive campaign against Labor in a generation. The ferocity of this coordinated attack took everyone by surprise – except Rupert Murdoch’s inner sanctum of editors. As prime minister Kevin Rudd’s senior adviser I was …

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‘Take a leaf out of the Tories’ book’

Adam Harrison and Robert Philpot  |  8 November 2013

Chris Mullin’s diaries trace the rise and fall of New Labour. He talks to Robert Philpot and Adam Harrison about the lessons he learned On Thursday 12 May 1994, for the first time in his life, Chris Mullin began to keep a diary. His first entry – ‘John Smith is dead’ – gives a clue …

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Can’t vote, forget to vote?

Angela Eagle MP  |  1 February 2013

I began Business of the House Questions this week by discussing the urgent question to the defence secretary on the current situation in Mali. As my colleague Jim Murphy said in response, we support the decision to send troops to Mali and neighbouring countries to help train the Malian army. But the deployment of troops …

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Leveson won’t change the country

Stephen Bush  |  4 December 2012

There’s an ongoing scandal at the heart of our media; a crime not just against those living but against those yet to be born. Throughout the passage of the health and social care act, the BBC was the dog that barely raised an eyebrow. It’s been the most obedient of parrots as far as the …

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Anything can happen

Peter Watt  |  29 November 2012

A midterm review suggests the government is doing its best to lose the next election, but is Labour doing enough to win it? On 6 May 2010 the people of the United Kingdom went to the polls. 10.7 million people voted Conservative, 8.7 million voted Labour and 6.8 million voted Liberal Democrat. Crucially, despite their …

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Leveson’s heavyweight line-up

David Talbot  |  11 June 2012

The press is awash with reports this morning that the Camerons accidentally left their eight-year-old daughter in a Buckinghamshire pub. The story could be somewhat more embarrassing for the prime minister, coming on the same day as the government relaunches its £450m troubled families programme. Presumably social services won’t conclude there is a ‘problem family’ …

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Working to win in Wales

Margaret Hanson  |  26 April 2012

Had I written this piece this time last week, the mood music of the election campaign that I am describing would have been different. Labour had had a couple of good opinion polls and reports coming back from the doorsteps were fairly positive. However, a week being a long time and all that, things post …

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Buying into Murdoch

Stephen Bush  |  24 April 2012

Be honest: you love Rupert Murdoch. You love Sky Sports, the fifth season of Mad Men, the Sky News iPad app, The Times’ Philip Collins, Caitlin Moran on last night’s television and Erica Wagner on next week’s read. You love books from HarperCollins, Manchester United in three dimensions, and the Sunday Times uncovering the unprecedented …

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