Sarah Wollaston

No crying wolf

Caroline Flint MP  |  7 February 2017

A long-term consensus on social care would be an achievement – not a betrayal, argues Caroline Flint Labour and the National Health Service go  together like bread and jam. It is part of our identity and a great illustration of our values. After all, Labour founded the NHS, rooted its principles in the heart of our political system, and is responsible for …

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The problem with Jeremy …

Maeve McCormack  |  16 October 2015

The problem with Jeremy is that he is basically alienating people who should be the party’s natural constituents through poor decision-making and ill-thought-through policy. No, not that Jeremy – I’m talking about the health secretary, who in a matter of weeks has somehow managed to convince doctors to go on protest marches and threaten strike …

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Let the people of Falkirk decide

John Mann MP  |  18 November 2013

Falkirk Labour party has dominated the airwaves for several months. Even BBC Question Time is heading to the Scottish town with its BBC panel. Egged on by bloggers, David Cameron has repeatedly attempted to bash the Labour party and Ed Miliband around the head with the spectre of alleged union fixing, stitch-ups and lack of …

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A cabinet minister for public health

Nick Smith MP  |  21 August 2013

‘RIP Public Health’ was the tweet of Tory MP and GP Sarah Wollaston at the government’s gutless retreat in July from its pledge to introduce plain packaging of cigarettes and a minimum unit price for alcohol. Across the piece we see a strong fightback from industry,  a failure to win cabinet support and a prevailing …

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Feeling hot hot hot …

Pearleen Sangha  |  17 July 2013

Well if you didn’t know it was summer, the Lib Dems’ array of horrendous cream suits and sunshine-yellow ties are a clear indicator that they are excited to get their summer recess under way. With temperatures and decibels ever-rising, it was as if Ed Miliband and the prime minister turned up to a street brawl …

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Wanted: candidates

Rhys Williams  |  3 February 2012

Labour should think again about how it selects candidates for the police and crime commissioner elections By Rhys Williams —After months of uncertainty, Labour’s National Executive Committee decided in December to stand candidates in the first police and crime commissioner elections. This decision is to be welcomed. As a political party it is Labour’s purpose …

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Anonymising rape

Caroline Flint MP  |  13 July 2010

Nearly two months in and the coalition has its first serious rebellion on its hands. The government's drive for rape anonymity is meeting resistance from all quarters, as seen in the Commons last Thursday.

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