Scotland’s next first minister

Kezia Dugdale MSP  |  5 July 2010

Iain Gray's experience as a teacher, with Oxfam and commitment to seeing Scotland's potential fulfilled stand in stark contrast to the bombast of Alex Salmond struggling to hold the SNP leadership

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Grounds for new social democracy

Angela Smith MP  |  14 June 2010

The state and its role are coming under huge scrutiny from the government. But out of this pressure a new chance for strengthened British social democracy emerges

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Faith, family and fairness: Labour’s ‘values voters’

Jim Murphy MP  |  24 February 2010

In the latest Progress lecture Jim Murphy put forward his views on moral issues he says are crucial to British voters

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Democratic deficit

Lord Morgan  |  24 November 2009

Lord Morgan: ‘We should have the popular will asserted in our constitution, in the choice of candidates, in primaries, in the power of recall’

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