Lessons from Scotland

Michael Low  |  16 November 2016

When I started doorknocking for the Labour party in Glasgow as a fresh-faced 16 year-old, it was still then a heartland where we won often, regularly defying the ambitions of the Scottish National party. Today, Glasgow’s constituencies are all represented by nationalists, at both Holyrood and Westminster. Our fortunes have not just changed; they have …

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Start where the people are

Jackie Baillie MSP  |  11 November 2016

Identity, constitutional and ‘bread-and-butter’ issues all matter —In May, I was one of three Labour members of the Scottish parliament returned from a local constituency, in an election where we fell to third place. I am frequently asked how I won, and what we can learn about winning again in Scotland, and across Britain. The answer is not straightforward. In May, …

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The route back to power in Scotland

Marian Craig  |  2 November 2016

‘The route back into power for Labour in Scotland lies firmly in the constitution’. These were the words of Jackie Baillie at a fundraiser for Eastwood CLP that I recently attended. Jackie was only one of three Scottish Labour constituency MSPs to be elected in May 2016 – the lowest number of constituency Labour MSPs to …

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Britain is more than just its past

Rachael Saunders  |  31 October 2016

I really welcome the debate that has been led by John Denham and others, about Englishness and national identity. I am proud of where I am from, and I am about an English as it is possible to be. My grandparents were from Barnsley, Manchester, Warrington and London. I am also classically English in that if …

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Scotland deserves a real voice

Ian Murray MP  |  27 October 2016

Earlier this week, Theresa May held her first meeting with the devolved administrations about the approach that will be taken to the Brexit negotiations. The prime minister has promised to take a United Kingdom-wide approach, establishing a new joint ministerial committee sub-committee on Brexit for formal discussions with the devolved nations. That seems a positive …

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The politics of grievance

Sheila Gilmore  |  17 October 2016

Hospital waiting lists up, college places cut, social care under strain, police cars held together by duct tape. Just a few stories in the Scottish media recently. And what has the reaction of the Scottish government been? A classic deflection tactic – let’s talk about a second independence referendum. Despite the whoops of joy at …

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Hard realities for the nationalists

Gemma Doyle  |  4 August 2016

For once Scottish politics looks almost boring when compared to the tumultuous events of the last six weeks in the United Kingdom. A vote to leave the European Union, a series of jaw-dropping announcements on the Conservative leadership, a lightening quick change of prime minister and now a Labour leadership contest in which people who …

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A taxing question

Jackie Baillie MSP and Tom Harris  |  16 June 2016

Jackie Bailie and Tom Harris consider whether Scottish Labour was right to promise to raise income tax Photo

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Scotland deserves better

Sheila Gilmore  |  10 May 2016

In the 2015 general election in Scotland we were lambasted as ‘red Tories’. It’s a bitter irony, then, to be beaten by the real ‘blue Tories’, who, it had been alleged were toxic and ‘dead’ in Scotland. First though there is some good news to help point the way forward. The Scottish National party bandwagon …

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Sadiq is right: Labour needs reflection rather than spin

Lewis Parker  |  9 May 2016

‘My slogan was ‘A mayor for all Londoners’. It should never be about “picking sides”, a “them or us” attitude, or a having a political strategy to target just enough of the population to get over the line. Our aim should be to unite people from all backgrounds as a broad and welcoming tent – not …

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