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A dash of southern comfort?

Lewis Baston  |  6 May 2016

I come from Southampton. I was very surprised, and pleased, by Labour’s success in defending control of the city council in the 2016 elections. Many Southampton wards are marginal, and the city’s voters can sometimes get brutal with parties that displease them. It is a tribute to the strength of Labour loyalties and the hard …

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The SNP is crippling Scotland’s services

Jimmy Gray  |  3 May 2016

This year, under threat from the Scottish National party government in Edinburgh, Highland council had to make savings totalling £39.856m to produce a balanced budget. All services will be affected to a greater or lesser extent from education through to burials. One of the cruelest has been an incredible 60 per cent increase in burial …

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We can prevent homelessness. Why don’t we?

Matthew Downie  |  26 April 2016

Yesterday saw an important and rare moment in the fight against homelessness. Yes, homelessness in England continues to rise – rough sleeping has doubled since 2010. And yes, people are still suffering – the average age of death for a homeless person is just 47. But yesterday we saw the publication of ‘The homelessness legislation: …

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In the path of the juggernaut

Stephen Daisley  |  13 April 2016

Labour must be able to give Scots hope that another Labour government is possible, argues Stephen Daisley The 110th anniversary of the parliamentary Labour party passed by in February largely unremarked. The decision by Keir Hardie’s Labour Representation Committee to rename itself ‘the Labour party’ after winning 29 seats in the 1906 election was a historic …

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Strong and coherent

Meg Whitelaw  |  31 March 2016

Tuesday night saw the leaders of the main Scottish parties go head to head in the second debate of the Holyrood election campaign. Kezia Dugdale performed well, offering a strong and coherent electoral platform where Nicola Sturgeon stumbled over the inconsistencies and contradictions of Scottish National party policy. The first question of the night focused …

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‘We’re not holding back’

Ayesha Hazarika  |  5 March 2016

‘Anti-austerity politics is now the centre-ground of 
Scottish politics’, Kezia Dugdale tells Ayesha Hazarika Kezia Dugdale is on cracking form. The Scottish Labour leader meets me in central London after a strong performance on the Daily Politics and ahead of a fundraiser. She tells me she faces the same two questions on a loop: ‘Oh, …

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Excuses and prevarication will no longer wash

Ian Murray MP  |  26 February 2016

The old adage that one day of a Labour government is better than an eternity of Tory rule is as valid today as it ever was. But if socialism is – as Nye Bevan famously said – the language of priorities, and politics the art of the possible, the only way we are going to …

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SNP set for a European volte-face

Duncan Hothersall  |  22 February 2016

The European Union referendum looks a little different in Scotland than, I suspect, it looks elsewhere in the United Kingdom right now. That is not just because of a pretty solid political coalition around the remain campaign, and some strong polling numbers for remain among the electorate. An interesting piece of analysis from the Estimating …

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Ukip: Inside the Campaign to Redraw the Map of British Politics

Melanie Onn MP  |  26 January 2016

For those of us who fought seats in place the United Kingdom Independence party parked its tanks, this book holds some points of interest, along with a reminder that no one in the Labour movement should count Ukip out just yet. It is tempting now that all the booming rhetoric of Ukip’s general election campaign …

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Must Labour lose?

David Lipsey  |  20 January 2016

Labour’s electoral demise has been long predicted. ‘If necessary changes are not made, the Labour vote will probably decline … by about two per cent at each successive general election’ wrote Tony Crosland in 1960. In the same year, two leading academics, Richard Rose and Mark Abrams, published the much discussed book: ‘Must Labour lose?’ Within …

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