Scottish independence

Stop apologising

Blair McDougall  |  6 October 2017

Scottish Labour stopped the unthinkable austerity and calamity of leaving the union. The new leader must remember how, and why, to win again in Scotland, argues Blair McDougall “Again!!??’ That was the message I got from a friend in London when yet another leader of Scottish Labour resigned. Given we are now picking our ninth leader since …

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Twice in a generation

Stephen Daisley  |  12 April 2017

Scotland’s non-nationalists approach a second referendum as a majority without a movement, writes Stephen Daisley It seems like only two and a half years since the last referendum on Scottish independence but the Scottish National party assures us a generation has passed, and I would advise you not to question them. It seldom ends well. Nicola Sturgeon has demanded a rerun of that …

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The wrong priorities for Scotland

Jackie Baillie MSP  |  17 March 2017

When Scotland’s education system is failing and the NHS is on its knees, another independence referendum should be the last of the SNP’s concerns, argues Jackie Baillie MSP On 18 September 2014, 85 per cent of Scots went to the ballot box in the independence referendum and voted by majority to remain in the United …

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Labour will fight for our union once more

Jenny Marra MSP  |  16 March 2017

While Nicola Sturgeon pursues independence at any cost, Scottish Labour will make the case for strong public services within the United Kingdom, argues Jenny Marra MSP On Monday, as Nicola Sturgeon announced her intention to hold a second referendum on independence, news broke that the headteacher of Blairgowrie high school, the local school of John Swinney, …

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Scotland deserves a real voice

Ian Murray MP  |  27 October 2016

Earlier this week, Theresa May held her first meeting with the devolved administrations about the approach that will be taken to the Brexit negotiations. The prime minister has promised to take a United Kingdom-wide approach, establishing a new joint ministerial committee sub-committee on Brexit for formal discussions with the devolved nations. That seems a positive …

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The politics of grievance

Sheila Gilmore  |  17 October 2016

Hospital waiting lists up, college places cut, social care under strain, police cars held together by duct tape. Just a few stories in the Scottish media recently. And what has the reaction of the Scottish government been? A classic deflection tactic – let’s talk about a second independence referendum. Despite the whoops of joy at …

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Hard realities for the nationalists

Gemma Doyle  |  4 August 2016

For once Scottish politics looks almost boring when compared to the tumultuous events of the last six weeks in the United Kingdom. A vote to leave the European Union, a series of jaw-dropping announcements on the Conservative leadership, a lightening quick change of prime minister and now a Labour leadership contest in which people who …

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In the path of the juggernaut

Stephen Daisley  |  13 April 2016

Labour must be able to give Scots hope that another Labour government is possible, argues Stephen Daisley The 110th anniversary of the parliamentary Labour party passed by in February largely unremarked. The decision by Keir Hardie’s Labour Representation Committee to rename itself ‘the Labour party’ after winning 29 seats in the 1906 election was a historic …

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SNP set for a European volte-face

Duncan Hothersall  |  22 February 2016

The European Union referendum looks a little different in Scotland than, I suspect, it looks elsewhere in the United Kingdom right now. That is not just because of a pretty solid political coalition around the remain campaign, and some strong polling numbers for remain among the electorate. An interesting piece of analysis from the Estimating …

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Positive and profound

Josh MacAlister  |  5 October 2015

The ‘In’ campaign needs to start big One of my earliest experiences campaigning was in a European parliament election. I was handed a bundle of wholly uninspiring leaflets designed to convince people that the European Union had done things to improve their lives. The headline claim was that the ‘EU had reduced your mobile phone bill’. I thought twice before …

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