Scottish Labour

Time to make the political weather

Sheila Gilmore  |  29 November 2017

With no forthcoming elections and a new leader, Scottish Labour has the opportunity to get back on track, writes Sheila Gilmore One thing I hope we can all agree on is that we don’t want another leadership election in Scotland anytime soon. Their regularity has become the subject of jokes; never a good look for …

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Stop apologising

Blair McDougall  |  6 October 2017

Scottish Labour stopped the unthinkable austerity and calamity of leaving the union. The new leader must remember how, and why, to win again in Scotland, argues Blair McDougall “Again!!??’ That was the message I got from a friend in London when yet another leader of Scottish Labour resigned. Given we are now picking our ninth leader since …

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The Last Word: A transition position

Richard Angell  |  1 September 2017

Making Labour’s single market shift permanent, punishing parents and farewell to Kezia Dugdale – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word As an interim – before formally adopting the right policy to keep Britain in the single market indefinitely, Keir Starmer has committed Labour to membership of the single market and custom union for a …

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A debt of gratitude

Sheila Gilmore  |  31 August 2017

Kezia Dugdale gave Scottish Labour a renewed confidence – and dragged it back to contention – and we owe it to her to build upon that legacy, writes Sheila Gilmore As a party we owe a great deal to Kezia Dugdale’s willingness to ‘step up to the plate’ in the difficult period following the 2015 general …

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Back from the dead

Duncan Hothersall  |  1 August 2017

Labour’s modest gains in Scotland have set the party on course for future success, believes Duncan Hothersall The headlines of the general election result in Scotland are by now well known. The Scottish National party’s all-conquering moment seems to be over, and the party’s internal dissenters have broken cover for the first time in a …

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Where next for Scottish Labour?

Sheila Gilmore  |  13 June 2017

Kezia Dugdale’s determination has dragged Scottish Labour from the brink of collapse to relevance again, writes Progress strategy board member Sheila Gilmore As the news filtered through to our count some of us hardly believed what we were hearing. Not the exit poll, but the fact that Labour was winning Scottish seats – in the …

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Is the tide turning in Scotland?

Sheila Gilmore  |  26 May 2017

For ten years, the Scottish National party has batted away criticism as ‘talking down Scotland’ – that does not seem to work anymore, argues Sheila Gilmore In last Sunday night’s Scottish leaders’ debate several audience questions pushed Nicola Sturgeon hard on the performance of her government, especially on health and education. Performing on the United Kingdom stage, …

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Twice in a generation

Stephen Daisley  |  12 April 2017

Scotland’s non-nationalists approach a second referendum as a majority without a movement, writes Stephen Daisley It seems like only two and a half years since the last referendum on Scottish independence but the Scottish National party assures us a generation has passed, and I would advise you not to question them. It seldom ends well. Nicola Sturgeon has demanded a rerun of that …

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Labour will fight for our union once more

Jenny Marra MSP  |  16 March 2017

While Nicola Sturgeon pursues independence at any cost, Scottish Labour will make the case for strong public services within the United Kingdom, argues Jenny Marra MSP On Monday, as Nicola Sturgeon announced her intention to hold a second referendum on independence, news broke that the headteacher of Blairgowrie high school, the local school of John Swinney, …

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A federal future

Kevin Peel  |  2 March 2017

Keeping the United Kingdom intact could unite the party and the country, writes Kevin Peel At its annual conference at the end of February, the Scottish Labour party voted to make support for a federal United Kingdom its party policy. It is time for UK Labour to do the same. Our colleagues in Scotland, spearheaded by passionate interventions in …

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