social care

Neglect at the heart of Beveridge

Editorial  |  11 December 2017

The one ‘missing giant’ from the founding text of the welfare state was how we deal with care in our society, argues our editorial Tackling inequality is at the very heart of the centre-left and Labour project. It is what has driven our movement since its foundation. Every Labour government has taken on the vested interests and put …

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A fundamental rethink needed

Matt Dykes  |  11 December 2017

New funding, reformed commissioning and a proper industrial policy are the basic requirements of a resilient social care system, argues Matt Dykes Social care matters. It is an essential service that all of us stand a high chance of requiring one day for ourselves or our loved ones. And it matters as a key component of our …

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The Last Word: No excuses for terrorism

Richard Angell  |  26 May 2017

Taking the Stop the War coalition’s warped world view head on, keeping up the pressure on social care, and a special nine seat challenge – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word We are all Mancunians. It was true on Tuesday when we woke up to the heartbreaking news that a pop concert was …

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Social care bears the brunt

Linda Thomas  |  14 March 2017

The public, politicians and the media must demand a sustainable solution to Britain’s adult social care crisis, argues deputy leader of Bolton council Linda Thomas By the chancellor’s own admission it was so far so good as he gave himself a smug pat on the back at the dispatch box, proclaiming the government had remained …

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No more social care sticking plasters

Paul Brant  |  13 March 2017

Britain’s ailing adult social care system needs more than a one-off grant or regressive tax increases to be fit for purpose, writes Progress strategy board member Paul Brant After a winter when even the Red Cross were driven to describe our  hospitals as in a ‘humanitarian crisis’ , it was clear urgent additional cash was needed …

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Seeking a social care consensus

Caroline Flint MP  |  9 March 2017

Labour will enhance, not damage, its position, by seeking a consensus on social care funding – Read Caroline Flint’s speech at Progress’ cross-party social care event Thank you Progress for hosting this timely and important discussion. It is now over a year since I and Liz Kendall started working with Norman to advance the argument …

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Budget 2017: 10 new Tory failures

Alison McGovern MP  |  9 March 2017

Progress chair Alison McGovern MP examines the 10 most egregious failures in Philip Hammond’s first budget Failure to even mention Brexit, the single biggest issue our country faces in the next 10 years. The Office for Budget Responsibility states that they have asked for more detail on Brexit in order to make their forecasts, and still the government …

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Budget 2017: 20 Tory failures

Alison McGovern MP  |  8 March 2017

From abandoning their deficit targets to slashing funding for education, it is clear the Tories are failing on their own terms, argues Progress chair Alison McGovern MP Debt The Tories have delayed their target on debt three times since 2010 Background: Their original target (2011) was to have debt falling by 2015-16. Then in 2014 that was …

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Care for a penny in the pound

Steven Duckworth  |  23 February 2017

The government could raise £20bn for a ‘social care premium’ by adding an extra penny paid in the pound over the lifetime of the next parliament, writes Steven Duckworth  Since we ushered in the new year eight weeks ago, two topics have dominated the news: Donald Trump and the government’s ongoing attempts to develop an …

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No crying wolf

Caroline Flint MP  |  7 February 2017

A long-term consensus on social care would be an achievement – not a betrayal, argues Caroline Flint Labour and the National Health Service go  together like bread and jam. It is part of our identity and a great illustration of our values. After all, Labour founded the NHS, rooted its principles in the heart of our political system, and is responsible for …

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