‘You eagles fly and stars shine’

Denis Hoti  |  9 August 2016

It is a little over 17 years since NATO brought the war in Kosovo to an end. The conflict saw thousands dead and almost ninety per cent of Kosovan Albanians displaced – many never to be found. In 2008, Kosovo declared its independence and the British Labour government, following the leading role it had played in pushing …

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English votes for English laws stalked the land

Sally Gimson  |  8 July 2015

English votes for English laws stalked the land in the House of Commons for a second day. Harriet Harman asked about it and Labour member of parliament Stephen McCabe, Birmingham Selly Oak, feared that it would mean English votes for English foxes! Prime minister’s questions before the budget is always a strange occasion, as the House is …

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Human rights at the heart of the World Cup

Jim Murphy MP  |  10 June 2014

There’s always a ‘story’ of the World Cup. Before the football starts, when everyone wants to talk about the tournament but no one has kicked a ball, there is always something that we all focus on. In South Africa it was security. In Brazil there have been the concerns over the stadiums and the favelas, …

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Progress on LGBT rights for the next generation

Gloria De Piero MP  |  7 April 2014

Political change can be grindingly slow and difficult to entrench, but when it comes to LGBT rights we can unequivocally say that over the 13 years Labour was in government we changed things beyond recognition for LGBT people in this country. When I was first becoming politically aware many newspapers hounded gay celebrities and dubbed …

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A champion in more ways than one

Jay Asher  |  4 December 2013

This week Tom Daley uploaded a touching video to YouTube. He spoke with a slight tremble about just finishing his A levels, losing his father and winning an Olympic medal. What he said next was seriously impressive: ‘come spring this year my life changed, massively …  I met someone …  that someone is a guy’. …

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A Charter for equality

James Asser  |  20 August 2013

The World Athletics Championships have just been held in Moscow, but most attention with regards to sport and Russia has been on the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. The situation in Russia has never been good for the LGBT community but it is worsening. In recent years we’ve seen Pride marches being banned or …

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Fighting for gender equality in sport

Bex Bailey  |  6 August 2013

Despite the fantastic achievements of our sportswomen, women’s sport remains an afterthought. The lack of coverage has more impact than unbalanced column inches. It impacts on women’s participation and has wider implications for women’s equality. Alongside health benefits, participation in sport helps develop life skills, with sporting activity during youth being linked to confidence and …

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Kicking it out

Matt Forde  |  21 May 2013

Politics in football is never a pretty sight As a football fan, I always prefer to keep politics and football separate. So I’ve really struggled with the appointment of Paolo di Canio at Sunderland. The news immediately caused a stir because of his fascist beliefs, his history of giving fascist salutes, and his deeply divisive …

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There must be an election on

Adam Harrison  |  24 April 2013

In the chamber today battlelines were drawn ahead of next week’s county polls as Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians in particular used the platform of PMQs to sally forth for their local parties. Colchester’s Lib Dem MP Bob Russell called on the prime minister to back an independent inquiry into spending decisions taken by Essex …

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Marking WWI

Sally Prentice  |  12 February 2013

All of us will have special memories of 2012 that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. We will tell our grandchildren, nieces and nephews about the wonderful gold medal performances of David Weir, Mo Farah, Sarah Storey and Jessica Ennis; Bradley Wiggins becoming the first Briton to win the Tour de France …

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