We need to talk about Syria

Angela Eagle MP  |  1 March 2012

The foreign secretary updated the House this week on the situation in Syria and the whole House was appalled to learn that the Syrian government appears to be escalating repression. The Syrian government is responsible for widespread human rights crimes including the deliberate targeting of civilians and journalists. Across the region tens of thousands have …

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Why a tweet may kill

Denis MacShane MP  |  13 February 2012

Can a tweet kill? Yes, if you live in Saudi Arabia and have Interpol working for the killers. All a 23-year-old Saudi provincial journalist, Hamza Kashgari, did was tweet last February, on the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Mohammed. His tweet read: ‘On the day of your birth, I find you wherever I …

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Time for intervention in Syria

Paul Richards  |  10 February 2012

There’s more than a whiff of the League of Nations about the UN this week after China and Russia’s veto of a resolution which would have demanded President Assad’s abdication. The resolution was backed by the other 13 members of the security council, and drawn up by the Arab League. The world is rightly angry …

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The way back to government?

Stephen Bush  |  7 February 2012

After a week in which hundreds of people have been slaughtered by their own government in Syria and almost three million people are still unemployed, what is the Labour party doing? Debating a parliamentary motion about whether or not a small group of people in London should be merely ridiculously, as opposed to outrageously, well …

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Turbulent times for Kurds in Syria

Gary Kent  |  27 January 2012

The Kurds have an old saying, based on long and bitter experience, that they have no friends but the mountains. This refers to many instances when taking to the mountains was the only refuge from murder and mayhem. The Kurds in Iraq have successfully built a strong, stable and dynamic autonomous region within Iraq and …

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Libya and Syria: similar diagnoses, different prescriptions

Stephen Twigg MP  |  2 August 2011

Labour supporters feel a profound sense of solidarity with people across the Arab world struggling for freedom and democracy. We have been appalled by the ongoing attacks on protestors and civilians in Syria and we continue to be deeply concerned by the situation in Libya. Following the expulsion of the remaining Libyan diplomats from the …

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In search of reform

Bob Glaberson  |  9 June 2011

When the general election is held on 12 June it will be the third consecutive election in Turkey dominated by the need for reform and once again the ruling AK Party led by prime minister Erdogan has been able to convince the voters that he is the one to bring it about.

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Tunisia needs political as well as economic support

Denis MacShane MP  |  1 June 2011

The G8 has produced galleons of money for Tunisia but the country needs political more than economic support. European, African and US development banks have all offered soft loans and debt write-offs - the west's response to upheavals like the Arab Spring is to reach for the chequebook.

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Is Turkey part of the problem in the Middle East?

Bob Glaberson  |  26 October 2010

What is the direction of Turkish foreign policy? The antagonism expressed by prime minister Erdogan on many occasions towards Israel of late was reaffirmed in a recent speech in Pakistan in which he stated that ‘Israel must apologise to Turkey and pay compensation for the state terrorism in the Mediterranean. If it does not, it will be doomed to remain isolated in the Middle East.'

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