Defeating Daesh

Gary Kent  |  30 November 2015

We cannot hide in the futile hope that Daesh will look elsewhere. Yet, many blame western policy rather than the autonomous agency of this fascism. Jeremy Corbyn argues that, ‘It is the conflict in Syria and the consequences of the Iraq war which have created the conditions for Isis to thrive and spread its murderous …

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The Last Word … How many Mao times?

Jamie Reed MP  |  27 November 2015

It’s been an extraordinary few weeks in parliament. Following a week described by my Last Word predecessor John McTernan as ‘Labour’s worst ever’ this week has been similarly difficult. The widely anticipated comprehensive spending review was, as such set piece events so often are, something of an anti-climax. Humiliating and damaging U-turns by George Osborne over …

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The Last Word … Solidarity requires more than words

Jamie Reed MP  |  20 November 2015

David Cameron is right. The fight against Islamism is a generational struggle. This struggle will not be resolved under his tenure in office. When the Conservatives eventually leave office, the fight against Islamism will remain. In reality, the fascists who committed the atrocities in Paris and Beirut last weekend will not be defeated by any …

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The longer we leave defeating Isis, the harder it will be

Mary Creagh MP  |  19 November 2015

In September I visited Lebanon, a country on the frontline of the refugee crisis. I met Syrians fleeing the brutality of Bashar al-Assad’s regime and of Islamic State. I met Iman, a 65-year-old grandmother from Aleppo, who was imprisoned by the Assad regime for more than two weeks. She had bravely returned to Syria after …

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The meaning of internationalism

Jacqui Smith  |  16 November 2015

What a very grim weekend it has been watching the aftermath of the Paris attacks. I have turned down many requests for interviews as I dislike the need for speculation and anger-driven conclusions which immediate responses require. However, three days on, I offer here a few reflections on Friday’s events. First, my heart goes out …

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The Last Word … No policy is not an option

Jamie Reed MP  |  6 November 2015

The weakness of saving face A few weeks ago, I explained why I believe that the policy of Chinese engagement by the United Kingdom makes sense, politically, strategically and economically. Successive governments have prosecuted this policy: it is in the national interest to do so and it makes sense for the globe too. It remains …

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Will the real JC please stand up?

The Insider  |  5 November 2015

Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village The parliamentary Labour party has good reason to feel disoriented. Their party has overwhelmingly given them a leader who has the support of about as many Labour members of parliament are there are Ulster Unionist ones. Even many of our leader’s most vocal parliamentary supporters privately doubt he has …

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A strange and sombre PMQs

Sally Gimson  |  9 September 2015

The knockabout was knocked out of prime minister’s questions today. Perhaps it was because it was Harriet Harman’s last appearance on the front bench. David Cameron paid handsome tribute to her 28 years of service and her fight for women’s rights. He said that he hoped she would ‘continue to service this house and our …

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Time for a straight-talking debate about Syria

Gary Kent  |  8 September 2015

Let’s have a straight-talking and honest political debate about Syria, Iraq and the refugee crisis. Our accepting 4,000, 40,000 or 400,000 Syrian refugees would alleviate problems, massively for those who settle here, but make little difference to millions displaced in the Middle East. Some highlight the impact of refugees on western economies but the normally …

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The next perfect storm

Adam Harrison  |  4 September 2015

Never underestimate just how bad things can become, at just the wrong time. We have seen a perfect storm with the Labour leadership election, just as we saw one with the aftermath of the Scottish independence vote. Now we may see a third with the European Union referendum. This year, the Jeremy Corbyn campaign has …

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