Tax transparency – the Flint amendment

Caroline Flint MP  |  9 September 2016

Late on Monday 5 September, when the government accepted Amendment 145 to the finance bill, I was unaware that it was the only non-government amendment to make it into the bill. The amendment empowered ministers to require large multinationals with a headquarters or substantial presence in the United Kingdom to publish headline information about their …

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Where is Labour on London devolution?

Theo Blackwell  |  27 October 2014

If our aim is to reverse ‘a century of centralisation’, as argued by Ed Miliband in his conference speech, by devolving power to local government then London must be included. Too few powers are devolved to the right level, meaning that there is a yawning gap between the very substantial powers of Whitehall agencies, the …

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Weak tax receipts spell trouble for Labour too

Stephen Beer  |  24 October 2014

The United Kingdom economy looks pretty good compared to other developed economies at the moment. The IMF has forecast we will have the highest growth rate this year. GDP figures out today show the economy grew 0.7 per cent in the third quarter and three per cent over 12 months. Yet we are not seeing …

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Taxing questions

Peter Kellner  |  17 September 2014

Peter Kellner presents polling for Progress on the politics of tax and spending Imagine you are crafting a manifesto for next year’s general election. What should you say about higher-rate tax? The answer is easy if you are rich, selfish and do not mind losing – or if you want to soak the rich and …

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We need global leadership on phantom firms

Fiona O'Donnell MP  |  15 July 2014

Leading last year’s G8 in Lough Erne, David Cameron said that the agenda for the world’s most powerful nations should focus on trade, tax and transparency. While some progress has been made, there is of course a lot more to do – as last week’s headlines about tax-dodging popstars serve to illustrate. The House of …

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A tax system built to last

Melanie Ward  |  2 July 2014

Monday’s economic speech by Ed Balls contained many important themes and announcements: on work and skills; on industrial policy; and on an economic strategy which depends on an internationalist outlook – not least being an active member at the heart of the European Union. It also set out the basis on which business will be taxed …

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Reassurance, reassurance and reassurance

Rich Durber  |  17 June 2014

The Labour party is about to enter a crucial period. Next month at the National Policy Forum Jon Cruddas‘ policy review will report and present what is in effect a first draft of Labour’s manifesto. A lively debate has been raging across the party for some time as to how big Labour’s offer should be …

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Tax entrenched capital

Jolyon Maugham  |  13 February 2014

We ask a lot of our tax system. Not merely – merely! – that it fund all that government does. But also that it encourage socially or economically desirable behaviours and aid income redistribution. It has to do this efficiently, in a manner mindful of the UK’s need for investment and which is fair. Such …

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Battlelines drawn

Sally Gimson  |  29 January 2014

The battlelines for the next election were more clearly drawn today than they have ever been. Labour’s key point is that, even if there is a recovery, only the rich will really benefit and most of Britain won’t feel it. This is why Ed Miliband asked again and again whether the Tories were going to …

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Labour’s 1992 shadow budget revisited?

Tom Bewick  |  28 January 2014

Like every ordinary Labour party member, I am working towards the election of a majority Labour government in 2015. And like most responsible citizens, I would like to see the fiscal deficit brought down and a tax system where everyone ‘pays their fair share’. There can be nothing fair about today’s taxpayers or our grandchildren …

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