Tessa Jowell

‘This is how you do it’

Richard Angell  |  19 January 2015

Lab3seats founder Richard Angell talks exclusively to Tessa Jowell MP at the end of her first #TessaTriple As 2013 was coming to an end a group of friends and I were sitting discussing life and one mutual friend’s recent achievement. They had just completed the three peaks challenge, a slightly barmy activity where people climb the …

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Christmas crackers

Sally Gimson  |  17 December 2014

It was the last prime minister’s questions of the year and there was no sign of festive cheer. David Cameron’s team had been using Christmas to think up cheap jibes. The best they could come up with is that it would be like ‘Silent Night’ for Labour members of parliament who would not be able …

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A mayor for all reasons

The Insider  |  5 December 2014

With Boris Johnson heading back to Westminster and no obvious Tory candidates having his metropolitan appeal, the Labour candidacy for the London mayoralty is a great prize. Sadiq Khan has secured for himself a significant number of early advantages. The shadow minister for London has used this position to promote both his strengths as a …

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Every pound matters: let’s terminate the transfer tax

Simon Hogg  |  4 December 2014

Joseph Afrane wears a Santa hat in December to cheer up customers at the supermarket where he is a security guard. Joseph works six days a week until 11pm. Once a month he travels to First African Remittances in Balham and transfers money to family in his native Ghana. An estimated 10 per cent of …

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London’s squeezed middle: What can be done to help the capital’s modest earners?

  |  4 November 2014

London’s squeezed middle: What can be done to help the capital’s modest earners? 6-7.30pm, Tuesday 4 November 2014 Committee Room 9, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA Steve Reed MP Shadow home office minister Claire Kober Leader, Haringey council Deborah Mattinson BritainThinks Chair: Rupa Huq Parliamentary candidate for Ealing Central and Acton This event followed on from …

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Why the political interview might save politics

Rich Durber  |  2 October 2014

Party conference season – this year aside – is a great time for speeches, but it is an equally opportune moment to indulge in the political obsessive’s other great guilty pleasure: the political interview. This year has been no different and because of their continued frequency it is easy to forget that the political interview …

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Carswell. Clacton. Cameron. Car-crash.

John McTernan  |  29 August 2014

Time for one of my periodic pieces on reasons to be cheerful: 1. Alan Milburn. Julia Gillard used to joke with me that we were the two remaining Milburnites left in the world. It wasn’t entirely accurate, but perhaps at the time we were the only two ‘out’ Milburnites. There were and there are others, …

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The new Arthur Scargill

John McTernan  |  27 June 2014

We’re really only seven months away from the launch of the general election campaign. Of course, it’s nine months chronologically but with summer holidays in August and Christmas and New Year you effectively lose two months of that. The next period is going to be decisive. September will bring the referendum which will see Scotland …

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A mayor of London that leads for women

Rachael Saunders  |  7 March 2014

With Tessa Jowell considering standing for mayor of London and others throwing their hats in the ring, the very male-dominated mayoral model might be about to be shaken up. This matters, not just because representation is important – Ros Jones in Doncaster and Norma Redfearn are the only women executive mayor Labour has had, elected …

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Power surge

Adam Harrison  |  4 March 2014

It could be the week that marked the beginning of the end for ‘Labour’s institutional statism’ as Ben Lucas of the RSA suggests on page 9, following keynote interventions last month by Ed Miliband and by Jon Cruddas, the latter addressing the New Local Government Network. The shift to decentralisation has been foreshadowed in centre-left …

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