Tessa Jowell

‘Big society’ stalled

Tessa Jowell  |  21 May 2011

One year into the ‘big society', David Cameron's big idea has stalled. Big promises have been made but little has been delivered. Soaring political speeches may get headlines, but in practice this rhetoric is contradicted by his government's actions.

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Dates for your diary

  |  22 April 2011

Read on and note down all the upcoming Progress events, including Progress annual conference on 21 May; Blue Labour or New Labour: does the party have to choose? on 10 May; Must Labour's road to No 10 run through middle Britain? on 25 June.

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Purple and orange: united colours of coalition?

  |  19 April 2011

Labour's Blairite wing is following Lib Dem reformers with a modernisers' manifesto. A new alliance beckons, writes Rachel Sylvester in the Times

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PMQs on Progress: the sketch

Tom Bage  |  3 March 2011

Events in the Middle East are casting a long, solemn shadow and yesterday, as is so often the case when foreign affairs dominate the agenda, the Commons sat quietly and shivered.

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Balls to the rescue?

Robert Philpot  |  25 February 2011

Labour's reputation for economic competence remains stuck in the doldrums, says Robert Philpot. Can Ed Balls turn this tanker around?

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Nonsense on stilts

Terry Philpot  |  18 February 2011

The Tory case for the 'big society' is based on myth, prejudice and an attempt to rewrite history

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The 25th hour

Tessa Jowell  |  3 November 2010

The 25th Hour Campaign was originally conceived by Labour in government as a way of encouraging people to give their time in the run-up to the Olympics - a great motivational event to inspire volunteering. We are putting it into action.

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Turn the BBC into a co-op

Tessa Jowell and David Miliband  |  5 August 2010

Now is the time for the BBC to transform itself and lead the way in public service reform by becoming a cooperative, giving membership and a real say in its running to all who pay the licence fee

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Golden opportunity for Labour

Michael Stephenson  |  29 July 2010

Who remembers back in February when George Osborne laughingly tried to explain how a Conservative government would set up worker cooperatives to run public services?

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