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Waiting in the wings

Michael McTernan  |  27 November 2012

Across Europe, far-right actors and their anti-politics cousins are regrouping, writes Michael McTernan The eurozone crisis has prompted many dark predictions about the impending danger of populist far-right parties gaining significant footholds on Europe’s political map. At the same time, others have maintained that majorities of voters will opt for stability in straitened times, recognising …

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Letter from … The Hague

René Cuperus  |  28 September 2012

The return of the political centre René Cuperus on the dramatic comeback of the Dutch Labour party in last month‘s general election The story of the Dutch general election last month is a tale in two dramatic chapters. The first, of polls predicting a historic collapse of the political centre, and the second of the …

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Remaking the case for Europe

Jeremy Miles  |  9 May 2012

This year’s Hands Lecture on Europe delivered by Peter Mandelson last week contains both a declaration of confidence in the future of the eurozone a time when its fortunes seem precarious and a bold call for a referendum on Britain’s role in Europe at a time when the voices calling for that most loudly are …

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A vote for ‘French France’

Denis MacShane MP  |  23 April 2012

France likes to surprise. Three months ago it seemed so obvious a re-election for Sarkozy that David Cameron and Angela Merkel couldn’t wait to endorse him. Three weeks ago it was Hollande who was gliding faultlessly if unexcitingly to power. Three days ago all the excitement was over Jean-Luc Melenchon whose windy appeals were thought …

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Keep centre

Liam Byrne MP  |  30 January 2012

Labour needs to find a new way back to a new centre-ground, argues Liam Byrne In the 1990s, progressives learned an important lesson about how to win elections: we built wide coalitions; we held firm to traditional values; but we freed the political mind for new solutions, new methods, new ways of doing business. We …

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Now for public services, Ed

Robert Philpot  |  13 January 2012

After a shaky start to the new year, Ed Miliband’s speech this week served not only to steady the ship but introduce a welcome injection of reality into Labour’s internal economic debate. Perhaps most importantly, he began to grapple with the fundamental issue that will be facing the party over the next decade: what is …

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Put childcare at heart of Labour’s agenda

Graeme Cooke  |  21 December 2011

Britain faces a major fiscal sustainability challenge over the coming years, exacerbated by the chancellor’s failure to secure growth and get unemployment down. This means all political parties will be faced by the reality of significant fiscal constraint. However, one way they will signal their differences is in the choices they make about how to …

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Reform without intelligence

Andy Tarrant  |  14 December 2011

The government is pushing its NHS legislation through Westminster under cover of ignorance. It refuses to release information that the Department of Health already holds about the risks involved. It has also appears to have failed to ask some obvious questions in the first place. The latter includes not examining the success or failure of …

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Could it happen here?

Anthony Painter  |  1 December 2011

The populist right has made gains across Europe. Why not in Britain, asks Anthony Painter So it did happen. In the year following its staggering first place finish in the 2014 European parliamentary elections, the political classes had argued that the English Independence party’s support – in the mid-20s – was just froth. But in …

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Blood on the carpet

Adam Harrison  |  28 October 2011

The biggest jamboree on the annual thinktank circuit, the Prospect Thinktank Awards, hit town again last month. Wonks old and new gathered to hear the judgements of a panel comprising, among others, a former adviser to Kofi Annan, Prospect editor Bronwen Maddox, and former righthandwoman to Gordon Brown, Shriti Vadera. Not a panel inclined to …

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