Pioneering for Labour against Ukip

Ella Vine  |  10 July 2014

This year I stood first time in local elections for the Labour party, in Thurrock. It was thought that I was venturing into Tory heartland, somewhere which had seen no Labour representation for a decade. And there was a strong support for the United Kingdom Independence party – Ukip posters on almost every street in …

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Fantasy politics

Martin Phillips  |  9 July 2014

Like many activists who live in other regions, I was pleased with the electoral triumph in May of Labour in London. But reading all those celebratory tweets from those who ran Labour’s national campaign, I felt a sense of unease because the London effect seems to be distorting views in the party. I read analyses …

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Polling station

There is an alternative

Hopi Sen  |  15 May 2014

Labour’s had a bit of a polling shock. A Tory lead has been a bucket of cold water in the face of Labour’s optimists, who have been talking for the last few years about a progressive realignment, an emerging Labour majority of loyalists, the young, and former Liberal Democrat voters. Panicking is a stupid, useless …

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How the East was lost … and how to win again

Bob Blizzard and Lewis Baston  |  1 June 2011

There were two tests for Labour in the East at this year's local elections:
- Would we win control of more councils?
- Would ‘red shoots' emerge by winning seats on councils we could not expect to control?

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