Tony Benn

Moving on

Adrian McMenamin  |  16 November 2017

Neil Kinnock’s bravery to stand his own ground in the early 1980s was a model for my own political shift, reveals former Bennite Adrian McMenamin  I have not quite been here before. I did not get around to joining the Labour party until I was 16, with my membership approved by Chipping Barnet’s general committee on …

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A Bennite Brexit

The Progressive  |  1 September 2017

The ‘Lexit’ campaign might have come to nothing but Corbyn and McDonnell believe leaving the EU could precipitate a socialist government Jeremy Corbyn is a Brexiteer. He has wanted the United Kingdom to be outside the European Union, and its forerunners, since the 1970s. Corbyn, when he was a Haringey councillor in 1975, voted to …

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What would Jeremy do?

The Progressive  |  20 July 2017

Being in the minority does not mean you are wrong, but that your time may come again If there is one lesson from the extraordinary rise of Jeremy Corbyn, it is not that we progressives should bend before his altar in the name of unity; it is the exact opposite. Corbyn’s career since the 1970s …

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Limehouse – A review

Richard Angell  |  21 March 2017

Steve Waters’ new play about the ‘gang of four’ is a reminder that Labour has looked over the precipice before – and recovered, writes Progress director Richard Angell ‘Labour’s f*cked’, pronounces David Owen at the start of Steve Waters’ new play at the Donmar theatre. Limehouse condenses weeks of high emotional drama about Labour’s predicament …

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Frankenstein’s Momentum

The Progressive  |  6 February 2017

The eternal truth that the far-left loves schisms has been proved right again There is an old joke on the left which runs something like this: if you put five Trots in a room, pretty soon you will have six different factions. It is not a great joke, I will grant you, but it speaks to the eternal truth that …

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The Corbynite ideology

Richard Carr  |  3 February 2017

Brexit reveals the Labour leader’s longstanding worldview as a paradox of open borders and a closed shop economy, writes Richard Carr We live in uneasy political times. If Whitehall might be ‘muddled’ on Brexit, Labour is currently mystifying on the issue. This largely emanates from the fact that Jeremy Corbyn has been handsomely re-elected as Labour leader while holding opinions …

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Siege economics

Greg Rosen  |  3 February 2017

Socialist protectionism is as unattractive now as in the 1970s After Labour’s 1970 election defeat, Tony Benn convinced himself that he could succeed next time where last time he and his colleagues had failed. Benn’s ‘alternative economic strategy’ envisaged import controls (quotas or tariffs on manufactured goods); rationing and allocation of certain imports and of …

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Rallies do not win general elections

Ian McKenzie  |  8 August 2016

I understand Corbynmania because I was, for a while, a Corbynista, although, in 1981, we called ourselves Bennites. Young and politically naïve, brought up by centre-left parents, I could see the Tories had their tails up, Labour seemed to have lost its way with the old guard running the party. The hard-left seemed so refreshing. …

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Time to shape a distinctively Labour economic policy project

David Coats  |  21 December 2015

The Progress editorial this month has correctly identified that the absence of a distinctive Labour project for the British economy has made it difficult for us to re-establish our credibility and take George Osborne successfully to task. All politicians claim to be concerned about the United Kingdom’s productivity problem and even the Tories would not …

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‘Political action is both necessary and worthwhile’

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP  |  7 October 2015

I interviewed Denis Healey as part of the research for my biography of Aneurin Bevan in February 2011. He immediately seized on Bevan’s remark that ‘the right kind of leader for the Labour party is a kind of dessicated calculating-machine’. While Clement Attlee was still leader at the time the remark was made in September …

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