Tony Blair

Israel, Gaza and the world

Lucy Gill  |  8 June 2010

Multilateralism may be the ideal, but it is no panacea. Past failures may have made states like Israel suspicious of its virtues, and the flotilla incident is reflective of that.

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New Labour, new country

Roger Liddle  |  7 June 2010

As the hair shirts come out in the leadership contest, Roger Liddle says New Labour leaves a legacy of achievement on which the next generation must build

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Next stage in Labour history

Jamie Reed MP  |  11 May 2010

The PM's decision has set in motion a leadership contest, but it also marks the beginning of a new post-Blair/Brown era in the Labour party

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Radical, coherent, imaginative

James Purnell  |  13 April 2010

I got quite excited reading the manifesto. I don’t know whether that makes me sad or the manifesto interesting, but it’s radical, coherent and imaginative.

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Boldly going backwards

Lucy Gill  |  6 April 2010

Insofar as anything unites the policies that dribble out of Conservative HQ it is the aim to go back, shovel up, unpick and reverse.

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Progressive Voices: the return of Tony Blair

  |  30 March 2010

Peter John, Peter Kyle, Will Parbury, Paul Richards and Wes Streeting react to Tony Blair's speech today made at Trimdon Labour club. Will the speech be a game-changer?

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The Chilcot Inquiry

  |  29 January 2010

Coverage of Blair and Chilcot harks back to 2001 student politics

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Interview: Stephen Twigg

  |  19 November 2009

Beyond the crisis of the European centre-left

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Education reform

Conor Ryan  |  19 October 2009

Tory magpies recognise Labour successes

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Restoring faith

Estelle Morris MP  |  1 October 2009

Estelle Morris is not wholly convinced by Anthony Seldon's new book on trust

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