Tony Blair

Next stage in Labour history

Jamie Reed MP  |  11 May 2010

The PM's decision has set in motion a leadership contest, but it also marks the beginning of a new post-Blair/Brown era in the Labour party

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Radical, coherent, imaginative

James Purnell  |  13 April 2010

I got quite excited reading the manifesto. I don’t know whether that makes me sad or the manifesto interesting, but it’s radical, coherent and imaginative.

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Boldly going backwards

Lucy Gill  |  6 April 2010

Insofar as anything unites the policies that dribble out of Conservative HQ it is the aim to go back, shovel up, unpick and reverse.

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Progressive Voices: the return of Tony Blair

  |  30 March 2010

Peter John, Peter Kyle, Will Parbury, Paul Richards and Wes Streeting react to Tony Blair's speech today made at Trimdon Labour club. Will the speech be a game-changer?

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The Chilcot Inquiry

  |  29 January 2010

Coverage of Blair and Chilcot harks back to 2001 student politics

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Interview: Stephen Twigg

  |  19 November 2009

Beyond the crisis of the European centre-left

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Education reform

Conor Ryan  |  19 October 2009

Tory magpies recognise Labour successes

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Restoring faith

Estelle Morris MP  |  1 October 2009

Estelle Morris is not wholly convinced by Anthony Seldon's new book on trust

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