trade and industry

We should be leading, not leaving

Seema Malhotra MP  |  22 February 2016

Last week I gave a speech to City UK who cite their goals as driving competitiveness, creating jobs and lasting economic growth. These objectives chime well with Labour’s key economic aim of shared prosperity for all. A strategic partnership with business and industry is at the heart of Labour’s economic policy. We see working with …

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We must be optimists and embrace the world

Phil Wilson MP  |  20 March 2015

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership sounds like a very esoteric concept without wide appeal or understanding, but it is nonetheless important to the United Kingdom’s economic development. The partnership would create a free trade area covering the United States and European Union, almost half of the world’s gross domestic product. The negotiations between the …

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Agreeing an active industrial policy

Michael Leahy  |  27 February 2013

This week George Osborne has failed two important tests: the first being his own benchmark for economic stability, Britain’s credit rating; the second, my preferred benchmark for economic success, Britain’s industrial strength. Because not only has the UK lost its AAA credit status but we have also seen the historic carpet manufacturer, Axminster Carpets, call …

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Public and private, strong and dynamic

Andrew Adonis  |  10 October 2012

I don’t think there is much dispute that Britain’s industrial base is too weak and too narrow. If that weren’t the case we probably wouldn’t be in a double-dip recession. And we certainly wouldn’t be in a crisis with 2.6m unemployed, youth unemployment of more than one million, and national income still significantly lower than …

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More real engineering

Pat McFadden MP  |  10 January 2012

Both government and opposition say they are in favour of reindustrialisation or, as Peter Mandelson put it, more real engineering and less financial engineering. So in the wake of the financial crash and a widespread desire to see an economy where we do more of making things, what is really happening? Certainly, the UK car …

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Solar slaughter

Caroline Flint MP  |  23 November 2011

Today in the Commons, Labour is calling a debate in which all MPs will have the opportunity to vote against the Government’s misguided plans to sacrifice the solar industry on the altar of George Osborne’s failing economic policy. Why is everyone getting hot and bothered about solar you might ask?  It’s simple.  The UK needs …

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Budgeting for the northwest

Hazel Blears  |  22 March 2011

Reversing the planned VAT rise on fuel, and boosting new industries and creating 'Enterprise Zones', will be crucial for supporting regions like the northwest in tomorrow's budget.

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Age of anxiety

Liam Byrne MP  |  2 December 2010

The ‘squeezed middle' debate goes to the heart of what Labour is about: ensuring the fruits of working people's labours are shared more equitably

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Capping immigration

Tim Finch  |  23 November 2010

Doing down the Tory immigration cap is easy politics for Labour. But immigration did harm the last government's standing and it needs to thoroughly rethink its approach. New findings from ippr may help the party in this task.

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Ten lessons for the new leader

Pat McFadden MP  |  14 September 2010

The psychodrama of the Blair-Brown era is over but our new leader shouldn't forget what New Labour taught us. Here are ten lessons for the new leader.

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