Supporting local bus services

Keith Wakefield  |  2 November 2016

Buses are by far West Yorkshire’s most-used form of public transport, with over 180m journeys made on them every year. They play a vital role in connecting people to jobs, training and opportunities and underpinning the local economy, growth and job creation. Just last week, research carried out Greener Journeys, by KPMG and the University …

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London’s young people need a Labour mayor

Benjamin Butterworth  |  19 January 2016

Turn up at London Labour’s new headquarters on a Monday night, and you will find a room filled with young members from right across the city, and the party spectrum. It is only a six or seven minute walk from parliament, but the atmosphere could not be any more different. Young Labour members are turning …

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Time for a third runway?

Paul Nowak and Ruth Cadbury MP  |  27 August 2015

Should Heathrow press ahead with a new runway? Paul Nowak and Ruth Cadbury go head to head Photo: Wendell

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Not speeches, but solutions

Tessa Jowell  |  2 July 2015

The London mayoral election will be no shoo-in for Labour, warns Tessa Jowell Last month, Labour lost. We lost badly. It was an awful experience. But it should also galvanise us. Labour has to learn how to win again, not out of self-interest but because that is the only way we can act for and …

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Davies Commission: Making a decision as a nation

Seema Malhotra MP  |  2 July 2015

On Tuesday the Davies Commission presented its final report. This has been a strong process, supported cross party, to ask the question about whether we need airport expansion to meet economic demand and, if so, where the expansion should be. The Davies Commission has settled the question that we need expansion of aviation capacity but the …

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New runways for Heathrow and Gatwick

Gareth Thomas MP  |  4 June 2015

The mayor of London’s first duty is to make sure we prosper. Only then can we create the wealth that can make our city a fairer, better place. There is a debate at the moment about whether we should have a new runway at Heathrow or at Gatwick. It is a heated one. I believe …

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Transport for the North

Luke Raikes  |  9 March 2015

Unnoticed by many, a significant new transport body is emerging in the North. Following on from the Greater Manchester Agreement, and last week’s announcements about health and social care devolution, this month marks another big step forward for devolution within England. The five major northern cities – Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield together with …

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Off the beaten tracks

Jack Eddy  |  15 January 2015

A recent study by Labour has warned that more than 30 million miles of bus journeys have been lost to cuts, leaving many people and communities isolated. And it is Britain’s rural areas that are hit worst. The Labour frontbench’s excellent new shadow secretary of state for transport, Michael Dugher, claims that vital rural routes …

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The age of the ‘new road’ is already over

Christian Wolmar  |  2 December 2014

It is that time of the electoral cycle for announcements about spending in the future which will not actually be the responsibility of those in power at the moment. It is a hardy annual of pre-election periods and, as Michael Dugher, the new shadow secretary of state for transport said yesterday in parliament, the £15bn …

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Getting infrastructure back on track

Rowan Ree  |  4 November 2014

Infrastructure is the life-blood of an economy. Coming in the form of energy, transport, communications, water and waste, it creates the national networks in which we live our lives. In the short term, infrastructure investment brings a stimulus to local areas. Each pound spent on a project generates £2.84 during the construction phase. In the …

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