People of the north: In need of a good lawyer

Claire Reynolds  |  19 March 2014

A Great Train Robbery is occurring oop north. The revelation that nine of TransPennine Express’s 70 railway carriages are to be reallocated to boost Chiltern Rail services in the south-east has left northerners reeling in anger. The carriages will be taken out from the Manchester to Leeds line, which is a vital chunk of regional …

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How does Labour win a majority in 2015?

Elizabeth Ralph  |  14 March 2014

I live in a county made up of eight constituencies, covering just over a 1,000 square miles. However, of those eight constituencies, North, West and South Dorset constituencies cover 80 per cent of that area. My constituency of West Dorset is easily defined as rural and I firmly believe that Labour needs a rural manifesto …

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Put passengers first: a new plan for London’s buses

Andrew Adonis  |  11 March 2014

A week’s immersion on London’s buses – 104 routes in five days last month – increased even further my admiration for bus drivers and the success of the Oyster card. But there are big improvements to be made. First, Londoners need flexible bus fares. For many, particularly the low paid and parents dropping off their …

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What matters is what does not work

Mark Rusling  |  10 March 2014

Consider these facts about the East Coast railway franchise. Between 2003 and 2009, when the franchise was privately owned, two operators failed and the average cost of a peak fare between York and London ballooned from £69 to £111.50 – a 62 per cent increase. Since the government stepped in and took it over in …

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East Coast privatisation blocks investment in other lines

Sheila Gilmore  |  9 January 2014

In March last year the government announced its intention to reprivatise intercity services on the East Cost Main Line by the next election. Since then I’ve been part of a broad campaign to Keep East Coast Public. Prioritising the franchising process to return East Coast to private hands means the competition and private investment that …

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The Armitt challenge

John Denham  |  31 October 2013

Last year Labour asked John Armitt to review long-term infrastructure planning in the UK. Armitt was fresh from the successful delivery of the Olympic Park to high standards, on time and under budget. It was a bold move by Labour after our 13 years in power. When Armitt said ‘Over the last 40 years, UK …

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Reforming a failed market

Bridget Phillipson MP  |  4 October 2013

Deregulation has failed. It’s time to put that right.   Imagine a system where companies enjoy a local monopoly over a service. A service with little choice, transparency or regulatory oversight. A service that costs the taxpayer millions of pounds a year where we have little or no say over how it’s delivered. That’s the …

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Ownership matters

Sheila Gilmore  |  30 September 2013

We should keep East Coast public While many of my fellow passengers travelling on East Coast between Edinburgh and London may not feel interested in who runs their trains, if they knew that punctuality was threatened and fares set to rise, they would be. And this is exactly what I fear will happen if the …

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Progress  |  26 September 2013

If elected I will … Frontline 40 candidates on their private member’s bills The state of New York’s usury law provides a good example of how a modern usury statute works. Annual interest rates on personal loans of less than $250,000 (approximately £150,000) are capped at 16 per cent per annum. Generally speaking, a personal …

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Transport matters

Alex Burrows  |  13 September 2013

Transport is a vital part of all of our lives: it is the lifeblood of our communities and is key to the success of our local economies, giving us access to jobs, skills, leisure and health opportunities. Good transport policy can make a big difference to people’s lives – not just directly in terms of …

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