What’s good enough for London

Dermot Finch  |  18 November 2010

Our biggest cities need directly elected mayors, with real tax-and-spend powers. Big city mayors would re-engage millions of voters, and provide more effective leadership for our most important economies outside London.

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Tories lack vision for transport

William Bain  |  15 September 2010

Four months into government, what is the Tory strategy for getting Britain moving? On transport, it appears there is little evidence of any new thinking, and potential benefits to the economy will be lost.

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Mutuals and the new politics

Tessa Jowell  |  12 April 2010

Today we are seeing a bold and ambitious vision for Britain's future. As Gordon Brown set out today, we will build a future fair for all through rebuilding our economy, reforming and protecting our politics and renewing our politics.

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Urban warrior

Jessica Asato and Mark Day  |  1 November 2009

More elected city mayors and high-speed rail are just some of Andrew Adonis’ bold ideas for a Labour fourth term, discover Jessica Asato and Mark Day

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