Tristram Hunt

The Last Word: The class pay gap

Richard Angell  |  27 January 2017

Alan Milburn leading the way on social mobility, Clive Lewis’ campaign team, May’s US speech and Holocaust Memorial Day  – Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word Alan Milburn is doing the Labour party’s job for it … again. His work on social mobility continues to chart a path towards achieving Labour’s historic mission: breaking the link between …

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The Last Word: The wrong Jeremy

Richard Angell  |  13 January 2017

The NHS crisis, progressive alliance ploys and Momentum purges – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word Toby Perkins’ speech to the House of Commons this week on the death of his father was not only a brave personal intervention, but also an important contribution to the debate around the National Health Service. That the …

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Did Labour’s centre-left revival begin in Liverpool?

Joe Jervis  |  4 October 2016

Following Jeremy Corbyn’s second victory it may be all too easy to assume that ‘things can only get worse’ for the centre-left. While walking past the ‘Cool Britannia’ shops that mark Liverpool’s tourist hotspots, just minutes from Labour’s conference venue, it was difficult not to hark back to an era when Labour oppositions were in …

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Labour tales in modern Britain

Adam Harrison  |  15 June 2016

Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world This age of post-truth politics can sometimes feel a little fantastical. In thinking about the publication of Jon Cruddas’ independent review of Labour’s election defeat and Tristram Hunt’s new book on England, a host of myths and fairytales rose to retell themselves. The five years following …

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A minister for England?

Eddie Bone  |  14 March 2016

On 8 March 2016, in the Boothroyd room of the House of Commons, Jim McMahon, member of parliament for Oldham West and Royton, called upon Jeremy Corbyn to create a minister for England, while Chuka Umunna, MP for Streatham, reaffirmed his call for an English parliament. These suggestions followed Toby Perkins MP’s private member’s bill …

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We need to open our ears

Tristram Hunt MP  |  12 February 2016

You may not know it, and it often does not feel like it, but in at least one political sphere we are living through something of a golden age for the Labour party. At a local level, and across whole swaths of the country, Labour is in power and thriving, blessed with an outstanding generation …

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Blueprint for government: What should Labour learn from its civic leaders? at Labour Local Government Conference 2016

Stuart Macnaughtan  |  6 February 2016

Blueprint for government: What should Labour learn from its civic leaders? at Labour Local Government Conference 2016 1-2pm, Saturday 6 February 2016 Room 1, East Midlands Conference Centre, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, NG7 2RJ Sarah Hayward Leader, London borough of Camden Sharon Taylor Leader, Stevenage borough council James Lewis Deputy leader, Leeds city council Reply: Steve Reed MP …

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Time to shape a distinctively Labour economic policy project

David Coats  |  21 December 2015

The Progress editorial this month has correctly identified that the absence of a distinctive Labour project for the British economy has made it difficult for us to re-establish our credibility and take George Osborne successfully to task. All politicians claim to be concerned about the United Kingdom’s productivity problem and even the Tories would not …

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The forgotten project

Tristram Hunt MP  |  9 December 2015

Re-examining ‘predistribution’ could kick off Labour’s intellectual renewal, writes Tristram Hunt Unimaginative. Uninspiring. Weak. Just a few of the more printable pejoratives which greeted the England team’s desperate performances at the recent Rugby World Cup. What is worse, just six months previous, during the annual Six Nations Championship, England seemed to be a team bursting with creativity …

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Labour’s moral mission

Edward Jones  |  8 December 2015

Freed from the workload of shadow ministerial brief, Tristram Hunt is clearly spending his time trying to contribute to Labour’s intellectual renewal. In the wake of Labour’s defeat in May, the Fabian Society’s Facing the Future programme has asked, ‘What would the Labour party look like if it were founded today’. To this Tristram Hunt’s …

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