A fundamental rethink needed

Matt Dykes  |  11 December 2017

New funding, reformed commissioning and a proper industrial policy are the basic requirements of a resilient social care system, argues Matt Dykes Social care matters. It is an essential service that all of us stand a high chance of requiring one day for ourselves or our loved ones. And it matters as a key component of our …

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The progressive case for universal basic income

Mark Walker  |  16 November 2017

It is the right time to have the debate on basic income – and the centre-left should not be so quick to dismiss it, argues Mark Walker Universal basic income looks to address a problem for the future rather than repair a problem of the past. It is the very essence of progressiveness and worthy …

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Working people must not pay the price

Kate Green MP  |  12 September 2017

The answer to Britain’s low pay crisis is not more years of austerity and uncertainty, but a pay rise for those struggling to make ends meet, writes Kate Green MP A report from the Child Poverty Action Group last month showed that working parents are finding it harder to meet basic living costs. Meanwhile, the …

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Adapt to survive

John Hannett  |  11 September 2017

Trade union decline is not inevitable, argues Usdaw general secretary John Hannett The latest figures on trade union membership in the United Kingdom showed that it fell to 6.2 million, down 4.6 per cent on last year. Times are certainly tough for unions. We are operating in a fragmented labour market, with growing levels of insecure work, …

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Is there a bright union future?

Sue Ferns  |  11 September 2017

The Taylor review is a start but not the blueprint many had hoped for, writes Sue Ferns Ten years on from the financial crash there is no doubt that British workers are still feeling the heat. While we might not have experienced mass unemployment as in previous recessions, a decade of austerity, falling wages and rising …

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The Last Word: A transition position

Richard Angell  |  1 September 2017

Making Labour’s single market shift permanent, punishing parents and farewell to Kezia Dugdale – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word As an interim – before formally adopting the right policy to keep Britain in the single market indefinitely, Keir Starmer has committed Labour to membership of the single market and custom union for a …

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A ‘voluntary’ overtime crisis

Tom Levitt  |  25 July 2017

Far from being overpaid, public sector employees are showing their commitment to their cause, voluntarily, to a level which borders on exploitation, writes Tom Levitt When Sally Plummer stayed on after the end of her shift to aid a patient suffering a cardiac arrest she thought little of it, knowing that this was the normal …

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Trades Unions Congress

Working it out

Frances O'Grady  |  13 July 2016

Brexit must mean no dilution of workers’ rights —Leaving the European Union is not the result I wanted – or what most of our trade unions campaigned for. But we respect the view of the voters. And what matters now is making sure that, in leaving the EU, we get the best possible deal for …

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So much more to do on cancer-causing agents at work

Esther Lynch  |  28 April 2016

Each year on 28 April, International Workers’ Memorial Day, we in the European Trade Union Confederation and our affiliated unions count the cost of another 12 months of dangerous working conditions and inadequate safety precautions. In 2012 (the last time the European Union collected figures), 3,515 people died as a result of workplace accidents in …

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Remember the dead, and always fight for the living

Lee Barron  |  28 April 2016

Workers’ Memorial Day is an opportunity for us to remember those who have gone to work, never to return home again. A friend of mine Steve, and I, were 17-year-old apprentices at the Royal Mail in 1987. Steve’s dad also worked there as a HGV driver and had done so for some time. He would …

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