Beware fringe parties bearing pacts

Conor Pope  |  2 May 2017

When fringe parties talk of forming a ‘progressive’ alliance, their aim is to weaken the Labour party and help themselves, argues Progress deputy editor Conor Pope There are only two political parties in Britain. The culture in this country means that for the most part, the political bubble pretends that it is not the case, while …

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No silver lining

Lewis Baston  |  3 March 2017

The Copeland and Stoke byelection results were historically bad for Labour, says Lewis Baston —The byelection results from Copeland and Stoke-on-Trent Central are a shaming, mortifying embarrassment to the Labour party. There is no gloss that can be applied to excuse these results. Some people have attempted to take comfort in imagining that while Copeland was obviously …

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Excuses, excuses

Conor Pope  |  27 February 2017

Progress deputy editor Conor Pope takes a look at some of the most egregious excuses for Labour’s performance in Copeland and Stoke The byelection results in Copeland and Stoke-on-Trent Central should not set alarm bells ringing for the Labour party. The alarm has long since been silenced; ignored until the flames it warned against melted it …

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Nuttall’s lies will not be forgotten

Dina Cottier  |  17 February 2017

Attempting to gain political favour by repeatedly lying about the Hillsborough disaster has exposed Paul Nuttall and his party, argues Dina Cottier The people of Merseyside have an identity. We are quick-witted, tolerant, warm-hearted and absolutely resilient. Come to Merseyside and you will strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, if you do not have the right …

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Communitarian traditions

Jerome Neil  |  8 February 2017

Labour cannot claim to govern in the interests of working people while pledging to disregard their wishes, argues Jerome Neil Rarely in the Labour party’s history has it seemed as peripheral to the national discourse as it does now. A recent YouGov poll put the party on 24 per cent, a staggering 16 points behind the Conservatives, four points behind …

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Preventing a disastrous Brexit

Christabel Cooper  |  1 February 2017

Labour must accept the result of the referendum, but it does not have to accept Theresa May’s warped version of Brexit, argues Christabel Cooper Much of Theresa May’s Brexit speech two weeks ago came as little surprise. The announcement that the United Kingdom would not seek to remain a member of the single market had the …

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What is the Ukip threat in Stoke?

Ben Gartside  |  20 January 2017

Rumours suggest the Stoke byelection will see new Ukip leader Paul Nuttall stand. Ben Gartside looks at the challenge he poses to Labour Areas like Stoke are synonymous with Labour, and for a good reason: since the Stoke-on-Trent Central seat was established in 1950, Labour’s vote share has only dropped below 50 per cent three …

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Brexit is Labour’s future

Jonathan Rutherford  |  10 January 2017

The Labour party must stand with the labour interest – and that means embracing Brexit, writes Jonathan Rutherford Brexit has exposed the cultural and political divisions within the Labour party and its coalition, and it has confounded it. But Brexit is a profound moment in the history of our country and it offers Labour the …

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Hard Brexit is not in the Labour interest

Christabel Cooper  |  10 January 2017

Labour does not need to support a hard Brexit in order to recast itself as a nation-building party, argues Christabel Cooper. This article is part of The Labour Interest series. Anyone seeking an explanation for Britain’s vote to leave the European Union without reference to culture and identity is on a hiding to nothing. So when Jonathan …

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The end of liberalism?

Ellie Groves  |  10 January 2017

Turning the clock back on Britain would be an abdication of the national interest, argues Ellie Groves. This article is part of The Labour Interest series. Is this the end of liberalism as we know it? Does Brexit, Donald Trump, and the rise of the populist right mean that Labour, without scrutiny, should make the conclusion that …

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