Integration is a two-way street

Mark Lewis  |  6 January 2017

Tackling barriers to integration must be a priority for this government, writes Mark Lewis In my article ‘Integration is essential post-Brexit’ I argued that in the past few months we have seen community cohesion deteriorate and I believed that the government must make community integration a priority. However, it has taken Chuka Umunna MP to …

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Byelection blues

Christabel Edwards  |  12 December 2016

The dust has settled on the Sleaford and North Hykeham byelection with the depressing outcome that a party, comfortably second at the last general election, is now fourth, with a huge mountain to climb. So many aspects of the campaign were positive. It was great to have such a fantastic team from East Midlands region, …

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Too little to say

Spencer Livermore  |  8 December 2016

If Labour becomes an anti-immigration party it will be the far-right that benefits, not us The autumn statement revealed the enormous damage leaving the European Union will do to the British economy. Growth and productivity will be lower, while borrowing and inflation will be higher, as a direct result of Brexit. Yet even now, the …

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Fighting among the brassica fields

Christabel Edwards  |  18 November 2016

‘Some will label me a quitter, or, no doubt, worse. Those are labels with which I can live. The label Conservative no longer is.’ – This was the widely reported parting shot of Conservative member of parliament, Stephen Phillips as he resigned his ultra-safe seat. My Conservative MP. I have to admit, his resignation came …

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Breaking down Labour’s heartlands

Ben Gartside  |  15 November 2016

As Ukip’s second leadership race in as many seasons kicks off, it appears that it will be a coronation for North West MEP Paul Nuttall. Even though Ukip’s party has slumped to their lowest polling in two years, the party are still most definitely a threat. Nuttall’s leadership pitch seems to be based around the …

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The Brexit Club

Melanie Onn MP  |  8 November 2016

The Inside Story of the Leave Campaign’s Shock Victory Do you want to know what drives such haters of the European Union to spend millions of pounds and years planning a campaign to pull the United Kingdom out of Europe? If you do, don’t read this book. While the egos of the likes of Arron Banks and Matthew Elliott …

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‘Brexit means parliament’

Paul Brant  |  4 November 2016

‘Brexit means parliament’ at least according to the High Court’s judgment. Cause for two cheers for us Remainers. Why not three cheers? This court judgment eases one headache but creates many more. It could also conceivably lead to a Labour wipeout. The judgment says that parliament must pass an act allowing the government to trigger European Union withdrawal. …

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Don’t accept this new, ‘new normal’

Adam Harrison  |  26 October 2016

Labour’s six-year slide damages not just the party but the country My first day working at Progress, Monday 4 January 2010, saw us catapulted into the general election campaign. Wasting no time in the early new year, David Cameron displayed his will to win by releasing the first part of the Conservative manifesto, which was …

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The responsibility lies with us

Allen Simpson  |  25 October 2016

I have a confession to make. Last year I put a bet on Brexit winning. To be clear – I voted for Remain, but I was almost certain that the referendum was not going to go well. The main reason for my certainty was that I had spent the previous two years knocking on hundreds …

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There is no mandate for hard Brexit

Christabel Cooper  |  18 October 2016

I remember the morning of 23 June very well. I remember leaving home to run a committee room in west London in a state of unhappy dread. I remember the rain starting and worrying about the effect on turnout. I also remember that the ballot paper I received in the polling station had nothing to …

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