Flying free

Simon Fanshawe  |  1 December 2011

Nigel Farage has written his autobiography and jolly pleased he is with it too. A Flashman-like character, with his velvet collar on his camel hair coat, his occasional trilby and absolute detestation of anything that gets in the way of right-thinking, freeborn Englishness, he holds himself out as a man against all rules (‘I hate …

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Winning back the workers

Deborah Mattinson  |  29 June 2011

Seven in 10 Britons consider themselves middle class. But what does new research reveal about working-class Britain?

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How the East was lost … and how to win again

Bob Blizzard and Lewis Baston  |  1 June 2011

There were two tests for Labour in the East at this year's local elections:
- Would we win control of more councils?
- Would ‘red shoots' emerge by winning seats on councils we could not expect to control?

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Open Europe?

Denis MacShane MP  |  14 May 2011

The row over open border Europe is not about bringing back thousands of frontier crossing points with queues snaking along the French coast or down from the Mont Blanc tunnel as holidaymakers wait for hours to have their cars searched for dark-skinned passengers before being allowed to drive to their preferred destinations.

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First Labour gain from Tories in 2011

Duncan Enright  |  14 January 2011

By-election victor Duncan Enright, who won for Labour in the heart of David Cameron's seat, recounts how hard campaigning in the snow and rigorous focus on local issues that helped him defeat a complacent local Tory party.

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Thanks to Brussels the money in your bank is safer

David Poyser  |  25 November 2010

While UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom chooses to use the European parliament for 1960s playground insults against the socialist and democrat leader Martin Schulz if he paid more attention, Bloom would notice that Schulz's party have been playing a blinder in the years since the financial crisis.

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