After Farage

Matthew Goodwin  |  5 September 2016

Both a Ukip collapse or revival could spell danger for Labour, writes Matthew Goodwin At the 2016 referendum on the European Union, Nigel Farage and the United Kingdom Independence party achieved all they had ever wanted. After 23 years of campaigning, much of it spent in the electoral backwaters, the self-anointed ‘People’s Army’ helped to force a nationwide …

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Earn it or lose it

Jim McMahon MP  |  5 September 2016

Taking the support of working-class northerners for granted is no longer an option for Labour, if it ever was, warns Jim McMahon   The working classes of the north of England are industrious and ambitious. We are deeply proud of our roots and of the honest graft of earning to provide a decent standard of life for …

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No mugs

Jade Azim  |  20 July 2016

Labour must speak to its heartlands without bending to Ukip’s will, writes Jade Azim The post-Brexit world poses one particular threat to the Labour party to trump all others: a potential United Kingdom Independence party insurgency which could see us usurped in our heartlands, as part of a war of attrition over freedom of movement. …

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The price of our failure

Sally Keeble  |  27 June 2016

There were two fat failures for the Labour party in the European referendum. One was the inability to mobilise the support of Labour supporters to vote for the party’s policy to remain in the European Union. The other was the inability to articulate the fears and concerns of voters who would normally look to Labour …

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‘That’s nasty, ugly politics’

Adam Harrison and Jerome Neil  |  7 June 2016

Alan Johnson is taking no prisoners in Labour’s campaign to remain in the European Union, find Adam Harrison and Jerome Neil As we enter his office overlooking Parliament Square, Alan Johnson is seated behind his desk, scribbling away. ‘I’m just writing to a cleaner, the owner of a café, a woman who started her own …

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A backwards step for Plymouth

Tudor Evans  |  2 June 2016

I am writing this article as the leader of the opposition on Plymouth city council, having had the leadership of the council removed due to a coalition of Ukip and the Conservatives. When you lose the leadership of the council it is a bit like bereavement; you get the anger, and the sadness, but you …

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Labour must share the values of the nation

Naushabah Khan  |  25 May 2016

The reality of last year’s general election is that Labour’s failure to secure a victory in England, suffering at the hands of Ukip, ultimately resulted in our defeat. As a parliamentary candidate in Rochester and Strood for both the general election and the preceding by-election caused by the defection of Mark Reckless to Ukip, I …

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Reclaiming the north

John Healey MP  |  17 May 2016

The most important political event for Labour last year was not Jeremy Corbyn winning the leadership election but our party losing the general election. And our most important political challenge is now to work out how to win in 2020 – a much bigger challenge than who leads Labour. Jeremy was right to talk before …

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No time for complacency

Nia Griffith MP  |  11 May 2016

Last Thursday voters in Wales gave Labour a clear mandate to form another government in Cardiff Bay. We always knew this would be a tough election, but our strong local campaigns and our inclusive message meant that we kept all but one of our seats to remain by far the largest party in the assembly. …

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Tribal politics is dead; both ours, and theirs

Christabel Edwards  |  11 May 2016

It has been a hard election; our position has barely changed and my own small market town was no exception. Our terrific Lincolnshire police and crime commissioner candidate, Lucinda Preston, scored third place across the county, though a very clear first in Lincoln itself, one of our target seats. Sadly it was the significant Ukip …

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