Our ambitions must not stop at a pay increase

Tessa Jowell  |  9 November 2013

At the close of Living Wage Week, it is important we look forward towards how we continue to grow the campaign for a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. But first, I want to look back. We know how to use the procurement power of the state to secure better living standards for …

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A work programme that works for our young people

Catherine West  |  3 September 2013

Young people have been hit hard by this government. Educational maintenance allowance has been scrapped as tuition fees have trebled. The Future Jobs Fund has been cancelled as career advice services are slashed. Nearly one million young people are out of work with many being offered nothing but exploitative, unpaid internships or zero-hours contracts as …

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Everyday unemployment

Luke Raikes  |  19 July 2013

Yet again, this week’s unemployment figures sparked reams of commentary on the 0.1 percentage point fall in unemployment. But, while observers are understandably drawn toward these marginal changes, it’s important to focus on the big number: 2.5 million unemployed – 892,000 more than in 2008 – and to reaffirm the basic fact that unemployment is …

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Thursday, Friday, Thatcherday?

Angela Eagle MP  |  27 June 2013

I began business of the House questions this week by reminding the chamber that we are approaching the 65th Birthday of the NHS. I asked Andrew Lansley, the former health secretary, to admit the truth that in a reversal of their infamous airbrushed election poster – it is clear that this government has cut the …

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‘Employment, employment, employment’

Shamik Das  |  6 June 2013

For ‘Education, education, education’, read ‘Employment, employment, employment’. Employment for all will be the primary means of bringing about social justice, bringing down the deficit and growing the economy under an Ed Miliband One Nation Labour government. The clue, as he says, is in the name. His speech today on social security reform was not, …

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End child enlistment in our armed forces

Alex Cunningham MP  |  22 May 2013

Britain remains one of just 20 countries in the world which still recruits children from the age of 16 into the armed services. Most accept it as simply the ‘way things are’, but I would think many have never really considered what it means to enlist 16 and 17 year olds and if the needs …

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Away from Whitehall

Adam Ogilvie  |  9 February 2013

In the light of youth unemployment figures in the UK, the like of which we haven’t seen since … well, the last time we had a Conservative government wreaking havoc on our country … a whole generation of young people risk their lives being blighted. While Whitehall-devised government schemes such as the work programme are …

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Building One Nation economics – I

Stephen Beer  |  29 January 2013

Stephen Beer writes the first of a three-part series for Progress this week on building One Nation economics. Where is the coalition going wrong and how can Labour rebuild its credibility on the issue? ——— The UK economy is in a poor state. Growth remains limited or non-existent and living standards have yet to show …

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Unemployment now a gender issue

Stephen Bush  |  8 January 2013

It’s a little-known fact that ‘Men Who Hate Women’ was the original title in Swedish of Stieg Larsson’s book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, before publishers rejected it as too offputting to readers. Perhaps a similar rationale led to that same title being rejected by the authors of the coalition’s midterm review, instead going …

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The party of ‘responsible welfare’

Sally Prentice  |  8 January 2013

Labour will not win the 2015 general election unless we are seen by the majority of British people to be the party of responsible welfare. Whether we like it or not, in 2010, too many people, particularly skilled working-class voters felt that Labour had lost its way on welfare. They felt that their hard-earned money …

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