Speaking up for older women

Alison McGovern MP  |  13 December 2012

I’ve often spoken about young people and unemployment.  But, for some time, I’ve also worried about the chances of older women in Britain.  The generation of women born just after the war have faced significant challenges throughout their lives.  In childhood, their education was designed for a world where few women worked, yet they have …

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How to Make a Million Jobs

Jonathan Todd  |  13 December 2012

There are two kinds of people in the Labour party: those that are born into it and those that choose it. My family have never been political. I look upon those born into the party and cannot comprehend childhoods snatched under tables in committee rooms. I spent my first 16 years kicking a ball against …

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Target practice

Kitty Ussher  |  30 November 2012

The chancellor looks set to miss his self-imposed goals By Kitty Ussher —When George Osborne delivers his autumn statement on 5 December he will have a tricky task to pull off. On the one hand, things could be a lot worse for him. Recent data shows unemployment falling and the economy slowly emerging from recession. …

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The need for leadership

Greg Falconer  |  26 November 2012

One of the more composed op-eds written in the wake of last week’s Israel-Hamas ceasefire came from Roger Cohen in the New York Times. ‘Another Gaza flare-up is over — for now,’ he began, ‘At least 150 Palestinians are dead. Five Israelis are dead. More bloodshed and scars have been inscribed in the 64-year-old conflict’s …

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What do young people in Knowsley think?

George Howarth MP  |  26 November 2012

In the summer of 2012, I initiated a project that would help me to gain an understanding of the aspirations and ambitions of young people in my constituency, Knowsley. With the economy struggling, and unemployment rising, areas such as Knowsley are experiencing extremely difficult times. Youth unemployment is particularly high and there is much comment …

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What to watch out for

David Talbot  |  13 November 2012

Parliament may only be sitting for two days this week, with our MPs due on recess from tomorrow until next Monday, but despite the short working week there has already been plenty of blood spilt in the political amphitheatre – with the prospect of plenty more bloodletting in the week ahead. To review the week …

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Unfinished Business

Giselle Cory  |  8 August 2012

Longer working lives are fast becoming a necessity for many households. With the cost of living rising and incomes stagnating, it is essential that the older workforce is supported to stay on the job and the older unemployed to find a new one. However, there are too many barriers still standing in the way of …

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Helping NEETs

Ayub Khan  |  30 July 2012

The latest youth unemployment figures of one million paint a very depressing but very clear picture that after so much investment we still have persistent NEET and intergenerational disadvantage. To deal with this issue we need to move away from the belief that tackling this is the operational preserve of public sector agencies. As a …

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Olympic legacy and community resilience

Robin Wales  |  27 July 2012

Tonight, Newham in east London will welcome the world to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Billions of people will watch Danny Boyle’s vision light up this corner of the capital as we celebrate everything that is good about modern Britain. I wish all the members of Team GB the very best. However, as …

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Long-term challenges remain

Mavis McKenzie Cecil  |  18 July 2012

Today unemployment has dropped by 66,000: very welcome news indeed for the government, which has increasingly  come under attack in recent months over its ‘omnishambles’ of budget U-turns and  general handling of the economy. These latest figures mark the fourth consecutive month in which unemployment has fallen (taken over a three-month rolling average). And more …

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