Blue Labour too conservative

Stephen Bush  |  9 March 2011

While the 'Blue Labour' idea put forward by Jon Cruddas, Jonathan Rutherford, Maurice Glasman and others is superficially attractive, it isn't the way forward for New Labour or for our party.

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Cameron misleads on Flexible New Deal

Rayhan Haque  |  17 February 2011

David Cameron brought a whole new meaning to ‘statistical spinning' during PMQs clashes yesterday. Under increasing pressure to respond to BBC revelations that his highly publicised Work Programme is less ambitious and will support ‘fewer people' into work than under Labour's schemes, he attacked the Flexible New Deal as a total failure.

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Welfare Policy Under New Labour

John Woodcock MP  |  11 February 2011

Armando Ianucci chose a fictional Department for Work and Pensions - DoSAC - as his setting for The Thick of It. This account of welfare policy in the early years of the New Labour government shows why.

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Stagflation in sight

Ben Fox  |  27 January 2011

Despite this week's growth news, Labour's real economic fight in 2011 is on tackling stagflation and youth unemployment. The party should devise its own Plan B to show up the Tories' lack of one.

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Welfare that works?

Andrew Kaye  |  5 January 2011

So what kind of year will 2011 be? Will Britain get ‘back on its feet' as the prime minister maintains, or will Ed Miliband be right in claiming that 2011 will be a year of ‘consequences for Britain', not least for hard-working families? Whatever the truth, we are facing one of the most uncertain years in recent memory. For disabled people in particular, this year could see the beginning of the biggest assault on the welfare state in its history, leaving little to celebrate.

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Labour’s economic message

Stephen Beer  |  17 December 2010

This has been a week for substantial economic data in the UK. The Christmas break will be the ideal time for Labour to think about its message on the economy. There is some work to do.

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Not so Thatcherite, more Labour

Sheila Gilmore  |  16 December 2010

The publication of the 2009 British Attitudes Survey appears to have given great joy to the Daily Mail (so that it can tell the Labour party it is out of touch with the public) and even in the Guardian the headline was ‘Britain ‘more Thatcherite than in 1980s''. This appears to be based on the answers to two questions: firstly, the fact that only 27 per cent thought that the government should spend more on benefits for the poor compared to 58 per cent in 1991, and, secondly, that only 36 per cent thought government should redistribute income compared to 51 per cent in 1989. However, looking at some of the other results suggests there may be a different interpretation than the one the media is assuming.

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It’s unemployment, stupid

Will Straw and Marcus Roberts  |  7 December 2010

Bill Clinton's immortalised axiom ‘it's the economy, stupid' was more than a sharp soundbite; it was a pithy and aggressive encapsulation of his broader economic attack on George Bush Sr's administration. Bush had been accused of prioritising foreign policy over the issues of middle America: jobs, mortgages and wages. Clinton's phrase framed the debate perfectly.

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Beyond the Single Work Programme

Steve Houghton  |  16 November 2010

A targeted focus on tackling worklessness in the communities where it is most concentrated must be at the heart of efforts to rebalance the economy. A better, bolder strategy for tackling worklessness is possible.

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