Unite the union

The new Spanish Inquisition

The Progressive  |  18 December 2015

The meaninglessness of terms like ‘neoliberal’ reveals Labour’s deep intellectual fragility Politics is a trade littered with meaningless terms. Ask a roomful of political types to define any of the big political words such as ‘socialist’, ‘conservative’, ‘liberal’, ‘capitalism’, ‘the state’, ‘neocon’ or ‘internationalist’, and you may as well ask a kindergarten class to do your tax return. Each …

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Tipping point

Fiona Twycross AM  |  2 September 2015

Over the past few weeks, the extent of sharp practice over service charges and tips in the restaurant trade has been exposed with some chains charging between eight per cent and 10 per cent fees for dividing tips up between staff. In the case of Las Iguanas, waiting staff are required to pay three per …

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Why employee engagement is the way ahead

Nita Clarke  |  16 December 2014

Staying competitive and profitable as the global race powers ahead with new entrants joining daily is the number one survival priority for British businesses and companies, just as providing better public services in the face of massive spending restraints is for public sector organisations. Of course, these are not new pressures, but no one should …

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Band on the run?

The Insider  |  2 June 2014

Polls go up and polls go down. This true, useful mantra for politicians is only used when the polls go down. Labour politicians found themselves saying it rather a lot before last month’s elections. The nervousness this engendered was repressed, but only barely. In May this column noted that Douglas Alexander’s appointment as election coordinator …

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Time for NEC reform to strengthen members’ and councillors’ voices

Richard Angell  |  4 March 2014

The events of last weekend were historic and unifying. The changes will be meaningful and, let us hope, lasting. Giving 2.7 million trade unionists the chance to step closer to the party their forebears helped create is no small thing. And asking the nine million people who stayed loyal in 2010 when the party got …

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Pro-business, pro-worker

Maurice Glasman  |  14 February 2014

A new agenda for Labour The crash of 2008 remains a watershed for New Labour’s political economy. The reliance on the financial sector and public administration as the twin drivers of growth was revealed as incapable of generating the value necessary for a competitive economy. There was also an unhealthy reliance on private debt. Of …

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Challenging the SNP on protection of workers

Karen Whitefield  |  14 November 2013

Scotland under Labour had a proud record of acting to protect workers from violence, threats and abuse. In fact, we were ahead of the game when we passed the Emergency Service Workers (Scotland) Act 2005 to make it an offence to assault or impede persons who provide emergency services. A year later Westminster followed suit …

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No comparison

Ann Black  |  11 November 2013

Miliband’s party reforms differ from Clause IV —In the October edition of Progress, the Progressive column set out the story of the new Clause IV campaign accurately: few remember that Tony Blair might have lost unless local parties had balloted their members. But there are differences as well as parallels with the current debate on …

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The Crosby show

Rafael Behr  |  27 August 2013

There may be good reason for Lynton Crosby’s return to strike fear into Labour hearts, warns Rafael Behr The rule in politics is that something has gone wrong when the adviser becomes the story. The exception is when part of the story is how effective the adviser is turning out to be. Officially, Lynton Crosby …

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Ed at the chessboard

The Insider  |  2 July 2013

It is summer, and rumours of reshuffles float gently on the Westminster breeze.  Over the last year, talking to those around Ed Miliband, a quiet theme has emerged. The shadow cabinet has not been sharing enough of the burden of creating a vision of ‘One Nation’ Labour. Too much has been left to Miliband himself. …

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