US politics

No joke

Charlie Samuda  |  8 December 2015

The Republicans could well pick an anti-establishment candidate —It was not always like this. Republicans were not always so angry. Six days after 9/11 George W Bush delivered a speech at the Islamic Center of Washington. Beginning his speech by noting that all Americans were equally appalled by the recent attacks in New York and …

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Eyes on the prize

Matthew Doyle  |  8 December 2015

The Democrats understand the power of the bully pulpit —Hillary Clinton entered the Democratic presidential nomination race as the presumptive nominee, with huge poll leads, only to see a combination of attacks on her record, some campaign missteps and a rival senator able to mobilise the grassroots to take it all away from her. That was …

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House of Fools

Jamie Reed MP  |  27 February 2015

Tonight sees the long awaited release of the third series of Kevin Spacey’s ‘House of Cards’ adaptation (note: ‘series’ not ‘season’). Expect little to be done in Westminster this weekend as political obsessives indulge their fascination with the politics of the US. I stand guilty as charged, but – like the FT’s Janan Ganesh – …

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Hard Choices

Matthew Doyle  |  17 July 2014

How do you write a memoir that you want to be both a bestseller and yet not have any political hostages to fortune? ‘Relatively easily’ would seem to be the answer if you are Hillary Rodham Clinton whose new tome, Hard Choices, pulls the curtain back on her time as America’s top diplomat, even if …

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Less professor, more president

Matthew Doyle  |  24 October 2012

Despite the upsets, the Democrats may have done just enough to secure victory in the presidential race By Matthew Doyle —Ever since Henry Kissinger’s announcement of a peace deal in Vietnam just before the 1972 presidential election, politicians have lived in fear of the infamous ‘October surprise’. For Democrats this year, that surprise arrived in …

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Remember ‘full employment’?

Kayte Lawton  |  17 October 2012

This week’s employment figures are puzzling economists because of the unusual combination of big rises in employment, falling unemployment and flat growth. Employment is up 212,000 to reach 71.3 per cent, an impressive increase of 0.5 percentage points in just one quarter and the highest since early 2009. Not only is unemployment down by 50,000 …

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Romney shows his worse side

Joel Braunold  |  17 October 2012

The one certainty it seems we can take from the past three debates is that the moderator improves every time. Candy Crowley delivered a masterful performance in the hardest of the debate formats, controlling two incredibly combative men. The town hall format is the most restrictive, rule-laden and complicated of the debating formats. The ability …

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Ignore the polls and look at the substance

Joel Braunold  |  12 October 2012

The vice-presidential debate was a far more enjoyable affair then the presidential one a week ago. People actually enjoyed staying up through it, watching two engaging politicians going up against each other.  Perhaps it was the chairs, the low bar set by the previous debate, a great moderator or that VPs can say more; but …

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Hunting for giants

Stephen Bush  |  31 July 2012

If you have ever attempted to buy anything online, or to log out of a particularly outdated version of Microsoft Windows, then you will know that ‘Are you sure?’ is a question unlikely to elicit any response other than an exasperated ‘Of course I’m sure!’ That, as much as his other weaknesses, made Ken Livingstone …

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140 characters does not make an electoral platform

Joel Braunold  |  21 June 2012

With the selection of Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee and the implosion of Americans Elect from the process, unable to find a candidate for their ticket, we know the full set up for the election in November. With the clearing of the field the polls have both candidates jockeying for position, each week being …

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