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The Republican Brain

Will Straw  |  17 May 2012

The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science – and Reality Chris Mooney Wiley | 336pp  | £17.99 Understanding why the US elected George W Bush not once but twice will fascinate Europeans for years to come. Understanding how to stop something similar happening again is currently absorbing Democrats. This fascinating, frustrating and …

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Does Obama deserve it?

Anthony Painter  |  4 April 2012

The president’s first term has been better than critics from right and left claim Back in the November edition of Progress magazine I argued that the likely outcome of the 2012 election was an Obama victory as long as unemployment was heading in the right direction. That looks even more likely today as the music …

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Winning without bouncing

Joel Braunold  |  7 March 2012

As the dust settles from Super Tuesday, there was a clear delegate winner on the night. Mitt Romney took the lines share of delegates on offer with five clear victories and a single point win in Ohio. He now stands 200 delegates above his nearest rival, Rick Santorum. Though there are still delegate-rich races to …

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Unfinished revolution

Robert Philpot  |  27 February 2012

Barack Obama’s mandate in 2008 was misunderstood by many liberals. Can a new populist message save his bid for re-election, asks Robert Philpot Barring an upset on ‘Super Tuesday’ early this month – and there have been plenty of those already in this primary season – Mitt Romney’s campaign for the Republican party’s presidential nomination …

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More than nicknames needed

Joel Braunold  |  27 February 2012

Though great nicknames abound, the GOP field has failed to ignite any enthusiasm The twentieth GOP debate this week attempted to give the voters a lasting impression of the candidates. Though their positions were well rehearsed and their talking points recycled, CNN decided to continue the infotainment with a new round of nicknames, these ones …

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The year of the fightback?

Anthony Painter  |  6 February 2012

Elections in France, the US and London will test the left in 2012. How optimistic should we be, asks Anthony Painter Politically, the left has had a disastrous financial crisis. For some leftist parties in major European nations, the malaise set in before 2007. France, Germany, Italy, and Sweden fall into this category. For others …

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A chance to break tradition in Iowa

Joel Braunold  |  4 January 2012

By a mere eight votes Mitt Romney may be the first Republican presidential candidate to win both Iowa and New Hampshire. This is, of course, if he can stop Newt’s kamikaze mission to implode his candidacy. In a night that was decided by eight votes, Rick Santorum surge came at the exactly right time to …

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Who will face Obama? Lessons from history

Andrew Hammond  |  3 January 2012

The 2012 US election season begins on January 3 when Iowa becomes the first state to hold contests to decide who will be the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates in November. While Barack Obama will be renominated as the Democratic contender, the Republican race’s outcome is more uncertain. Most recently, in November and early December, …

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Resistable force V moveable object

Frank Spring  |  20 December 2011

The GOP primary next month may not feature the classic campaign conflict of momentum versus organisation – indeed, it could well descend into a case of inertia versus disorganisation. Organisation and momentum are not mutually exclusive, of course; in tandem, they are incredibly powerful (witness Obama 2008). Some campaigns never have much of either (wave …

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The X-factor in 2012

Joel Braunold  |  9 November 2011

One of the UK’s most successful exports to the US has been Simon Cowell. The X-factor, Pop Idol and America’s got Talent has replicated its success from the UK into America both in terms of dominating the entertainment culture and in getting segments of the population to vote in greater numbers than they do in …

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