US politics

No stone unturned

Bob Glaberson  |  25 November 2009

Resolve is the key in Iran negotiations

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Iran talks

Bob Glaberson  |  18 November 2009

Sanctions on Iran would be premature – we must first try the diplomatic route

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Get a grip

Nick Witney  |  5 November 2009

To avoid creeping irrelevance, Europe must find a collective voice on the international stage

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Hold the eulogies

Alex Smith  |  4 November 2009

Obama's naysayers should hold off writing his political obituary

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Whatever happened to Obama-ism?

James Crabtree  |  4 November 2009

His early achievements remain impressive but a clear Obama doctrine is yet to materalise

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To protect and serve

John Books  |  4 November 2009

Despite his message of change Obama has been reluctant to give up the presidential trappings of power

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Midst of a maelstrom

John Books  |  4 November 2009

Obama has shown he can seek consensus and remain calm despite the partisan sniping

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Poetic justice

Anthony Painter  |  4 November 2009

To become a great president, Obama must learn to govern - as well as campaign - in poetry

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Beacon of hope

David Lammy MP  |  4 November 2009

While sustaining the momentum of change has not been easy, Obama continues to be a beacon of hope to progressives across the world

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Change we need?

Ken Gude  |  12 October 2009

Feelings of disappointment with Obama are due to unrealistic expectations

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