Welsh election 2011

Red sky thinking

David Taylor  |  1 March 2013

THERE is a growing chasm emerging between the politics of post-devolution Wales and the rest of the UK. For one, Labour still rules here; the 2010 general election results were better in Wales than other parts of Britain, with several marginal seats retained and the party emerging with nearly three-quarters of the representation even if …

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It’s the economy and Blue Labour, stupid

Seema Malhotra MP  |  25 May 2011

If you wanted a good post-election review and change of gear back down after months of campaigning into a conversation about the medium and longer term challenges for Labour, then the Progress conference on Saturday didn't disappoint.

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Ed Miliband’s challenge

Editorial  |  20 May 2011

This month’s election shows Labour making progress. But its support base remains too narrow Before entering Downing Street, David Cameron was widely reported as having forecast that within a year he would be leading the most unpopular government in living memory. This month’s elections didn’t exactly bear out that prediction, at least as far as …

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The Stevenage test

The Progressive  |  19 May 2011

The local election results show no sign of halting the 'hidden landslide' still heading towards Labour. Only when Ed Miliband's party can pass the 'Stevenage test' will it become nationally electable again

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Won, lost and drawn

Lewis Baston  |  17 May 2011

This month's election results were a decidedly mixed bag for Labour. Despite a solid win in Wales, progress in England was slow and slid into catastrophic reverse in Scotland, reports Lewis Baston

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Lining up for election 2011

Adam Harrison  |  4 May 2011

What was today's standard question formula followed by pliant Tory backbenchers? Read on to find out as the parties drew up their battlelines ahead of tomorrow's polls.

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Seeking red shoots

Lewis Baston  |  1 April 2011

Making a comeback in previously Labour-free zones, rather than seizing back control of councils, could be the big story this May, says Lewis Baston

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Making a move

Blair McDougall  |  24 March 2011

The Movement for Change gets off the ground this month and could strengthen Labour's own grassroots campaigns

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Vote for a change

Ben Bradshaw MP  |  16 March 2011

This month the AV referendum campaign begins in earnest. Ben Bradshaw explains why the man with most to gain from a No vote is David Cameron

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Fog and victory in ‘Old and Sad’ – but where next?

Dave Roberts  |  17 January 2011

The by-election victory in Oldham East and Saddleworth has provided a welcome boost for the Labour party and for Ed Miliband's leadership. As ever with by-elections, pundits are poring over it for evidence of long-term political trends. But how much can you genuinely learn from one, solitary election?

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