Wes Streeting

Too gig to fail?

Wes Streeting MP  |  17 November 2017

Being pro-innovation should not allow us to be indifferent to corporate excess, says Wes Streeting ‘Defend the livelihoods of 40,000 drivers’. ‘Protect consumer choice for 3.5 million Londoners’. ‘800,000 people have supported our petition’. Uber can be criticised for many failings, but its public relations machine is not one of them. In the furore that …

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New kids on the block

The Insider  |  21 July 2017

Another dispatch from the Westminster village The snap election resulted in some results that have caused your insider to seriously doubt their fact-checking skills. Stella Creasy holds 80 per cent of the vote, a percentage not reached in the 132 years that there has been a Walthamstow seat. Thangam Debbonaire’s vote in Bristol West more …

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‘We’ve got to make
 them fear us’

Ruth Smeeth MP and Wes Streeting MP  |  3 April 2017

Labour only ever wins when it is at the cutting edge of modernity, Tony Blair tells Ruth Smeeth and Wes Streeting   Neither of us voted in the 1997 general election; we remember it well enough, as teenagers, but were not old enough to cast a ballot. This takes Tony Blair, who we have met to …

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Cold water time

The Insider  |  8 June 2016

Jon Cruddas’ long-awaited independent inquiry into why Labour lost last year’s general election, released last month, was a rerun of the slow-motion car crash your insider, and, no doubt readers at home, bore horrified witness to after 2010. As a bucket of cold water to snap the old believers out of their earlier faith in …

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The new journey

Viv Pointon  |  22 March 2016

The drive through to Stoke Rochford Hall is stunning. Its grandeur was a little intimidating but I found the hall buzzing with energy and enthusiasm – so many young Labour activists! In this glorious place, redolent of the past, we debated the future. There were three themes to engage us at the Progress political weekend …

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Entrenched inequality starts at birth

Wes Streeting MP  |  2 February 2016

England is becoming an increasingly divided nation where life chances are determined by postcode, rather than potential. The latest report of the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission lays bare the opportunity gulf between different parts of the country and, as the commission’s chair Alan Milburn puts it, ‘the gulf between the ambition of a …

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Labour must be calm, clever and kind

Rachael Saunders  |  20 January 2016

Progress organised a great public meeting in Stratford last week, where we had an open and frank conversation about losing the general election, the Labour leadership campaign, and where the Labour party goes next. I was glad to speak, alongside Wes Streeting MP and Unmesh Desai. It feels like the Labour party nationally is entering …

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Conversations or contacts?

Mike Kane MP  |  2 June 2015

In the run-up to the general election we knocked on the doors of millions of voters – but were we kidding ourselves to think we were having ‘conversations’ rather than just canvassing? ‘Four million conversations’ was the boast made by Ed Miliband in Manchester a week before polling day. And, of course, that was a …

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We need to listen to both winning and losing candidates

Jacqui Smith  |  11 May 2015

I joined the Labour party in late 1979 and had to wait another 18 years until we were in government. And I lost my seat in 2010 so I know what it is like to be on the rough end of our democratic system. I frankly have not got time now to wait another 13 …

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Progress campaign day: Ilford North

Stuart Macnaughtan  |  3 April 2015

Every Friday during the short campaign Progress will be leading a campaign day in one of Labour’s target seats. Meeting at 11am and 2pm. Further information to follow shortly. All party activists welcome. Bring a friend. Training is available for new campaigners.

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