Wes Streeting

Reading the polls

Wes Streeting MP  |  10 January 2011

Extrapolating the results of a local council by-election to draw conclusions about the state of the parties nationally is a fool's game. Last week's by-election in Witney town council is a case in point. No sooner had Labour supporters begun celebrating our 67 per cent landslide in a Tory ward in David Cameron's own backyard, it was pointed out that the Tories had failed to field a candidate and turnout had been very low. The main lesson from the Witney by-election is that the easiest way to beat the Tories is to stop them fielding candidates!

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Keep individual freedom to commence private prosecutions

Vera Baird  |  6 December 2010

Wes Streeting is wrong to countenance with such ease letting go of the citizen right to commence a private prosecution in war crimes cases, as the coalition intends to do. It is an important right in a way beyond how Wes characterises it in his piece on Progress.

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