William Beveridge

Neglect at the heart of Beveridge

Editorial  |  11 December 2017

The one ‘missing giant’ from the founding text of the welfare state was how we deal with care in our society, argues our editorial Tackling inequality is at the very heart of the centre-left and Labour project. It is what has driven our movement since its foundation. Every Labour government has taken on the vested interests and put …

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A fundamental rethink needed

Matt Dykes  |  11 December 2017

New funding, reformed commissioning and a proper industrial policy are the basic requirements of a resilient social care system, argues Matt Dykes Social care matters. It is an essential service that all of us stand a high chance of requiring one day for ourselves or our loved ones. And it matters as a key component of our …

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A new Marshall plan for the working class

Pat McFadden MP  |  7 December 2017

Idleness: Where the right offers grievance, the centre-left needs to offer an answer – and honesty, writes Pat McFadden

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No less revolutionary

Luciana Berger MP  |  7 December 2017

Want: The food bank has replaced the soup kitchen and look permanent as Tory cuts persist

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A tide turning back

Karen Buck MP  |  7 December 2017

Squalor: Council housing is in retreat and the private rented sector out of control

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Post-16 needs to be the focus

Kathleen Henehan  |  6 December 2017

Ignorance: Beveridge would be heartened by the educational progress but ashamed of the skills inequality

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Health inequality costs

Karin Smyth MP  |  6 December 2017

Social class persists as a key determinant for life expectancy and good health Disease In 1942, two drivers of William Beveridge’s concern for the giant evil of disease were the need to combat life expectancies that saw women, on average, dying in their mid-fifties and men in their early fifties, and the need to improve maternal and infant …

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Seventy-five years young?

Nicholas Timmins  |  6 December 2017

The left would do well to reclaim the language of Beveridge as a way of re-shaping the welfare state debate, or risk losing it to the Conservatives, believes Nicholas Timmins

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Labour must lead to save the NHS

Christabel Cooper  |  26 April 2016

This week, emergency wards in England will be empty of junior doctors for the first time since the creation of the NHS. This is the sorry endgame to the dispute between the British Medical Association and health secretary Jeremy Hunt over the imposition of a new contract on junior doctors. Public opinion has (so far) …

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British Liberal Leaders

Roger Liddle  |  16 October 2015

This book is the third in an impressive series on political leadership in Britain’s mainstream parties which we owe to an imaginative initiative of Charles Clarke’s. Though the books make good reading for anyone interested in politics, this sustained reflection by historians, political scientists and practising politicians is particularly timely for Labour as the party …

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